What does CBD Vape do? Exploring Its Benefits and Effects

Cannabidiol (better known as CBD) has gotten more and more popular in recent years due to its potential therapeutic effects. Among the many forms of CBD consumption one - vaping - has emerged as a popular choice for individuals seeking quick relief. CBD vape is a form of inhalation where users vapourise CBD e-liquid using a vape pen, allowing for rapid absorption into the bloodstream [1].

While vaping CBD is a convenient method that is acting fast, it is essential for users to understand how it works. You should also know more about the potential benefits when you take CBD. Unlike THC, the psychoactive component of cannabis, CBD will not get you "high" [2]. Instead it provides a selection of potential health benefits - such as reducing anxiety [3], aiding with sleep [4] and offering pain relief [5].

Key Takeaways

  • Vaping is a popular method for fast acting relief
  • CBD - unlike THC - will not get you "high", plus it offers several potential health benefits
  • Harmony is a recommended CBD product brand for the EU and UK market

What is a CBD Vape

It's undeniable that CBD vape products have gained popularity in recent years. In this section we will explore what a CBD vape juice is and what a CBD vape does.

What is CBD Vape Juice

CBD vape juice, also known as CBD e-liquid or CBD vape oil, is a specially formulated liquid infused with a CBD extract. This CBD extract can be full-spectrum CBD disillate, broad spectrum CBD or (most commonly) CBD isolate. Regular vape juices contain nicotine which is highly addictive. CBD vape juice in contrast does not cause psychoactive effects. And because it is derived from hemp rather than marijuana, its THC content is usually under 0.2-0.3%, making it legal in the UK and EU.

Harmony is a good example of a reputable brand offering CBD vape juice in the EU and UK market. We offer a range of flavours and CBD strengths to cater to each and every individual preference.

What does a CBD Vape do

A CBD vape makes it possible for you to inhale CBD through a vaporiser device. This can be, for example, a refillable vape pen, a disposable CBD vape or a pod device. It allows the CBD to be absorbed quickly and efficiently into your bloodstream. This means it offers a more efficient and faster-acting way to feel the effects of CBD as opposed to other consumption methods like taking CBD oil. 

Bear in mind that while there are many potential benefits of cannabis-based medicine and studies have shown that CDB overall has a high potential, CBD vape products are not medicine. Some people report a sense of relaxation or relief from anxiety when using CBD vape products [6], but it is essential to remember that individual experiences may vary. We also highly recommend that you speak to your doctor if you plan on using CBD and have underlying health conditions or are on prescription medication.

When using CBD e-liquids or other inhaled forms of CBD - always opt for reputable brands and follow the recommended usage instructions! This will ensure a safe and positive experience.

Effects and Benefits

What Does CBD Vape Do to You

CBD vape products may provide a range of potential effects and benefits for the human body. Vaping CBD is thought to offer quick relief, as the CBD is absorbed rapidly through the lungs into the bloodstream. Many CBD users report that it helps them to feel more calm and relaxed, sleep better, recover faster [7], helps with pains and aches and even alleviates symptoms of endomitriosis [8]. Additionally, some users report improvements in their overall well-being and mood.

However, remember that the effects of CBD vaping may vary from person to person! Factors such as individual body chemistry, the amount of CBD consumed, as well as just product quality can influence the experience.


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What Strength CBD Vape

When choosing a CBD vape oil, it's actually crucial to consider the strength (or concentration) of CBD in the product. Harmony is a well-known brand in the EU and UK that offers a wide selection including different strengths to suit your needs.

Here are some general guidelines for CBD vape strengths

  • Low strength: 30 mg CBD per 10ml bottle
  • Medium strength: 100-300 mg CBD per 10ml bottle
  • High strength: 600-1000 mg CBD per 10ml bottle

The right strength for you obviously depends on your requirements and desired effects. We would recommend that if you're new to CBD vaping, it is advisable to start with a low-strength product and gradually increase the dosage if necessary, monitoring closely how you feel.

Following the above information can help you make informed decisions about CBD vaping products. Keep in mind to approach these products responsibly and with care. Everyone's CBD vaping experience may differ.



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Choosing the Right CBD Vape

What CBD Vape is Best

When selecting the best CBD vape for your needs you should consider several factors. Above all, quality and brand reputation are important! You want to try products from well-known and reputable brands like Harmony. We selected some of the best vaping devices to go with our premium e-liquids. Further, the desired effects and your personal preferences play a significant role in choosing the best product for you. And finally: consider the device you'll be using and ensure that it is compatible.

What is the Best CBD Vape Liquid UK

In the UK (just like in the EU) finding the best CBD vape liquid requires evaluating various factors. Have an eye on things such as potency, quality and the presence of third-party lab testing results (COAs). Remember to check for compliance with UK regulations! Only products with less than 0.2% THC are allowed for sale. Look for trusted and reputable brands - locally or within the EU - that are known for producing high-quality CBD vape liquids. Harmony has fulfillment centres in the UK for fast delivery without customs fees.

What is the Strongest CBD Vape Liquid

The strength of a CBD vape liquid depends on the CBD concentration in the product bottle. Typically a higher concentration of CBD will give you stronger effects. You can find CBD vape liquids with a wide range of potencies. Lower concentrations start at 30mg per 10ml and higher concentrations such as 1000mg per 10ml or more exist as well. The appropriate strength for you depends on your individual preferences and the desired effects you seek. Remember that stronger doesn't always mean better! At Harmony, our strongest ready-to-use liquid features 600mg CBD per bottle for a smooth and pleasant experience.


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What Wattage for CBD Vape

Selecting the right wattage for your CBD vape is essential to ensure the best experience. Unfortunately it's not super straight forward as the ideal wattage may vary depending on the specific vape device and CBD e-liquid you are using. As a rule of thumb, lower wattage settings (such as 10-30 watts) are generally suitable for vaping CBD. They deliver a smooth vaporisation process and prevent the CBD from overheating or breaking down. Always refer to the user manual of your vape device and follow the guidelines provided for optimal use.

What does CBD Vape do: A Summary

We know that in recent years CBD vaping has gained popularity as a wellness trend. That bears the question: what does CBD vape do, and why are people drawn to it?

When you vape CBD you inhale the CBD vapour into your lungs. This allows it to enter your bloodstream more quickly (for example compared to taking CBD oil). As a result you may experience the potential benefits of CBD a bit faster. These effects might include promoting relaxation and supporting sleep and overall wellbeing.

The market offers an impressive variety of CBD vape products by now. One notable brand to consider is Harmony. We provide a range of high-quality CBD e-liquids in different flavours, with a focus on meeting EU and UK regulations. It is essential to choose a reputable brand to ensure the product you consume is safe and complies with local laws.

Remember: while the anecdotal evidence around CBD vaping is promising, scientific research is still ongoing! Potential effects may vary from person to person. So it's important to discuss your intentions with a healthcare professional before incorporating CBD vaping to tackle an ailment. Keep a close eye on how your body reacts and adjust the dosage accordingly to find the perfect balance.

Only by being aware of the possibilities and limitations of CBD vape you can make an informed decision! 


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