Unlock the full potential of CBD with our premium isolate powder! Our CBD crystals are carefully extracted from EU-certified industrial hemp and over 99% pure. The isolate powder is completely natural, free of solvents and has undergone rigorous third-party testing to ensure its superior quality and potency. Whether you're blending your own e-liquid or make your own CBD creams - our versatile CBD crystals offer a world of possibilities! 500 mg per jar.

What Is CBD Isolate?

CBD isolate is a crystalline and pure form of cannabidiol (CBD) that comes as a fine white powder containing 99 % or more of the singular compound. CBD is one of the many cannabinoids that can be found in the cannabis or hemp plant. When used on its own CBD isolate may provide targeted relief for specific ailments without the added effects of other cannabinoids. In contrast to THC it is non-intoxicating - meaning it won't get you "high". It's actually quite the contrary with latest research suggesting that CBD isolate may have antipsychotic properties [1]. CBD isolate is safe and even the World Health Organization has recognized the therapeutic uses of cannabis, with CBD being in the spotlight showing potential for treating a variety of conditions [2].

In the UK and EU CBD products (including isolates) must adhere to strict quality and safety regulations. When you are looking to take CBD it's essential to ensure that it meets local legal requirements and has been thoroughly tested for its purity and safety. Especially if you're new to CBD it's essential to start with a low dose at first and monitor your body's response. From there you can gradually increase the amount of CBD until you reach your desired effect. Keep in mind that results may vary as the dosage and efficacy of taking CBD can differ from person to person [3]. If you have any underlying health issues that are already addressed by prescription medication please speak to your doctor before using CBD.

What are CBD Isolate
CBD Isolate Crystals plus Oil plus Lotion or Cream plus E-Liquid

How to Use CBD Isolate

You can of course consume CBD isolate on its own - but as it comes in powder form, is dry and largely without taste it wouldn't be a particularly pleasant experience. Instead we would suggest you make your own CBD products from this versatile DIY ingredient!

A lot of people mix CBD isolate into a carrier oil (like MCT oil or olive oil) to make their own custom CBD oil. You can use it like you would use any regular store-bought CBD oil. While the most common form would be to apply it sublingually (under the tongue) some people prefer adding CBD-infused oils to smoothies, tea, coffee - or even salad dressings.

You can also use CBD isolate in topical applications by mixing it into a lotion, cream or skin oil. The skin has its own endocannabinoid system, so by applying such a mix to your skin you can target specific areas that you think might benefit from the soothing properties of CBD [4]. This method is really popular with people that have specific skin concerns or are experiencing discomfort in specific areas. Or simply those that want to take CBD without ingesting it.

Vaping enthusiasts use CBD isolate to mix their own CBD vape juice. Simply measure out your desired quantity of pure isolate and dissolve it in propylene glycol (PG) and the flavouring of your choice. As a last step add the vegetable glycerin (VG) to the mix. By adding it last you will have an easier time dissolving your CBD and can fine tune the density of your e-liquid.

The possibilities to create your own CBD products are nearly endless. Of course you can also create your own bath salts, balms or candles infused with CBD by combining CBD isolate with the appropriate ingredients. Just grab a jar of our premium CBD isolate and get creative!

CBD Isolate, Broad-Spectrum CBD, Full-Spectrum CBD: What's the Difference?

If you're a CBD enthusiast you will probably know already that there is different forms of CBD (hemp) extracts. CBD isolate, broad-spectrum CBD and full-spectrum CBD all exist and are infused into different products. Each type of course contains CBD - but also has its unique features. Understanding the differences between them can help you make an informed decision on which one suits you best.

CBD Isolate is the purest form of CBD. It contains exclusively cannabidiol and no other components naturally present in the plant. Meaning no other cannabinoids, terpenes or flavonoids. This makes it very easy to dose and an excellent choice if are looking to experience the effects of CBD on its own.

Full-spectrum and broad-spectrum CBD both contain multiple cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids - making them a more complete reflection of the plant. There is scientific evidence of a synergy between these compounds known as the "entourage effect". This means that they amplify each other's properties to create a more powerful effect [5]. While broad spectrum CBD doesn't contain any THC, full spectrum CBD includes a trace of the psychoactive cannabinoid. To be legal in the UK and the EU full-spectrum CBD products must contain less than 0.2-0.3% THC (an amount too low to induce any psychotropic effects).

Full spectrum CBD Isolate
CBD Isolate Powder

CBD Isolate Powder: What are the Benefits?

There is definitely a lot of anecdotal evidence provided by users pointing towards the many benefits of CBD isolate. People dealing with stress, anxiety and sleep claim they find relief in using CBD [6]. And indeed there are studies emerging showing that CBD has potential as a treatment for anxiety disorders [7] - making it an attractive option for those seeking a natural alternative. It seems like CBD isolate can also help to support sleep as well as small doses of melatonin [8]. Another highly interesting area of research and application is pain relief. Preclinical studies have highlighted CBDs potential analgesic properties [9] and there is ongoing research in many areas - including chronic pain [10] and arthritis pain relief [11].

However it must be acknowledged that the research on cannabidiol isolate is still in its infancy and no solid medical claims can be made about CBD products. CBD wellness products should not be mistaken for medicine - they are not made to cure or manage any diseases. If you are suffering from a medical condition and want to use CBD we strongly advise you speak to your healthcare provider or doctor about integrating this natural product into your treatment plan.

CBD Powder in Our Products

At Harmony we believe in the power of any type of CBD - including CBD isolate powder - to help your wellbeing in a variety of ways! Our high-quality CBD E-liquids (for vapers and smokers looking to transition to vaping) incorporate this pure form of CBD to be compatible with all standard vaping devices. CBD has also been shown to be a useful tool in the treatment of substance addiction [12] and a recent trial with cigarette smokers found that those provided with a CBD alternative were able to reduce their consumption by 40% [13]. So if you are looking to reduce or quit this unhealthy habit - CBD liquids are definitely worth exploring!

In addition to our E-liquids we also add CBD isolate in our skincare product lines. As a recognised skincare ingredient in the UK and EU CBD can help soothe and nourish your skin - leaving it looking and feeling its best! We also have products with warming and cooling properties specifically for athletes and fitness enthusiasts looking to incorporate CBD topicals into their routines. Scientific evidence suggests that CBD may have a role in enhancing performance and recovery [14].

Cannabinoid Crystals Powder in our skincare products
CBD Isolate are made pure

CBD Crystal: How Is It Made?

Our Harmony CBD is derived from industrial hemp plants grown in Switzerland. This particular type of plant from the Cannabis Sativa family typically contains less than 0.2% THC which makes it and its products legal in the UK, EU and many other parts of the world. The production of CBD isolate begins with the extraction of CBD from the hemp plant - in most cases using either alcohol or CO2 as a solvent. This results in a dark green crude extract containing various cannabinoids, terpenes and plant matter.

This crude extract then undergoes a series of purification processes - including filtration, distillation and winterisation - to remove any remaining secondary plant material like chlorophyll, lipids and waxes. The result is a much cleaner, concentrated full-spectrum CBD extract with a golden amber colour consisting of a variety of cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids.

The final stage of the purification process is a crystallisation step where the purified CBD extract is transformed into CBD crystals or powder. Here the extract is dissolved in a suitable solvent followed by gradual cooling to encourage the formation of crystals. These are then filtered off and the solvent is evaporated entirely in an oven - leaving behind the pure CBD crystal!

CBD Isolate UK: Is It Legal?

Good news: in the UK and in the EU, CBD isolate is considered legal! This is as long as it is derived from hemp plants containing no more than 0.2-0.3% THC. The Food Standards Agency (FSA) even provides valuable guidance for consumers and businesses dealing with CBD extracts - such as not surpassing a daily dose of 70mg CBD [15]. Harmony has many years of experience with CBD isolate products in the UK and EU. So we can ensure full compliance with all regulations and quality standards!

For the EU market very recently the European Court of Justice has played a part in clarifying the legality surrounding CBD's status derived from the hemp plant. According to the court's ruling CBD should not be considered a narcotic and should be treated like other legal substances in the market [16]. In order for you to stay on the safe side: always research the product you intend to purchase and check the brand's reputation!

CBD Isolate is 100% Legal
CBD Isolate Storage Considerations

Pure CBD: Storage Considerations

The shelf life of pure CBD - such as CBD isolate - is very long. When stored under the right conditions it can be many years until the level of CBD starts to degrade. We recommend to always keep your CBD products in a cool, dark and dry place to ensure they last as long as possible. You can even store your crystals in the fridge. Just make sure they stay out of the reach of children and pets. While CBD is generally considered as safe - you still want to avoid unintentional ingestion.

Lab Testing buy cbd e-liquid

Harmony Quality CBD

At Harmony, we hold ourselves to the highest standards when it comes to the quality and effectiveness of our CBD isolate and other products. Our top priority is ensuring that you receive a product that you can trust. To achieve this we place a strong emphasis on transparency; we take extensive measures to conduct thorough lab-testing and quality-control for all of our ingredients and finished goods. We consistently test the potency of our products to provide you with the confidence of knowing exactly what you're getting when you buy from us. To maintain our high standards we partnered with certified laboratories across the UK and EU that are staffed by skilled experts who adhere to strict guidelines. As part of our commitment to transparency we subject all of our products to comprehensive testing and provide access to the analysis certificates (COAs). They are readily available on a dedicated page of our website - so you can easily verify the quality and potency of our CBD isolate!

Harmony Production

We fully understand that when buying CBD products it's essential for you to have a clear understanding of the origin and production methods of the ingredients used. At Harmony we take great care to ensure that our CBD isolate and other ingredients are of the highest quality - and responsibly sourced! Our CBD comes from hemp grown in Switzerland while all other ingredients are obtained from reputable suppliers in the UK and EU. Our isolate products are manufactured in a clean room environment in Germany that adheres to strict Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) guidelines and is ISO-certified ensuring the utmost safety and quality. We are committed to sustainability and aim to minimize our impact on the environment by selecting fully recyclable packaging options that are located near our manufacturing facilities whenever possible. By keeping our supply chains short and operating mainly within Europe we ensure fair working conditions and low emissions.

Ingredient Sourcing and Production CBD Isolate
Harmony Story buy cbd e-liquid

The Harmony Story

At the heart of Harmony is its founder: Antonin Cohen. He has been a leading figure in the hemp industry for over a decade. In 2009 he established the first association dedicated to hemp science in France. In 2014 he launched Kanavape - the first CBD product in Europe! From the very beginning the goal was clear: to make the benefits of this powerful plant accessible to everyone. Since then Harmony has been at the forefront of the CBD industry; making significant contributions to its sustainability while remaining committed to the wellbeing of its customers. In 2020 a major legal victory was achieved when the European Court of Justice declared CBD not to be a narcotic - reflecting Harmony's mission to help people feel better and become the best version of themselves. With a passion for hemp science and a dedication to quality and transparency Harmony continues to lead the way in the CBD industry.

The Harmony Team

The Harmony team is a group of passionate experts in hemp and natural product research. With our combined passion and commitment to excellence we are dedicated to creating high quality natural products at fair prices.


Antonin Cohen - our CEO - has over 15 years of experience in building international companies with a strong focus on product development and operations.


Dr. Anna Falk - our Head of Product - brings over 12 years of experience in research and development within the natural products industry with a particular focus on cosmetics and supplements.


Julien Magnenet - our Head of Operations - has over 13 years of experience operating in various sectors including cosmetics and consumer medical products.
Harmony Team cbd e-liquid

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If you still wonder if CBD is right for you - have a look at what our clients have to say!


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