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What do you need to know about CBD oil?

Derived from the cannabis or hemp plant, cannabidiol (CBD) is a legal and non-psychoactive compound. This is making it an appealing option for individuals seeking natural alternatives for stress management and sleep improvement to incorporate into their daily routines. A CBD oil, in the most basic version, is a concentrated CBD extract diluted in carrier oils like hemp seed oil or MCT oil. Learn more about CBD Oil UK >

What is the best CBD oil for dogs?

To date, there are more studies on the effects of CBD on dogs than on any other pets. They recently got summarised for a report issued by Health Canada. It states that CBD oil is safe for dogs. However, the study recommends to buy CBD oil with as few additives as possible and choosing unflavoured over flavoured CBD oils for dogs. Learn more about CBD for dogs >

Which CBD Oil Benefits should you expect?

Research on CBD and its effects has highlighted the many potential benefits of consuming CBD oil. It was found that CBD might help with a variety of ailments such as sleep disorders, stress and anxiety, muscle and chronic pain, as well as skin irritations. There is also research into applying it in the treatment of more specific conditions like epilepsy and endometriosis. However, research is in early stages and CBD oil should not be viewed as a medicine. Find out more about the benefits of CBD oil >

What Is CBD Oil?

CBD oil is a CBD extract mixed with a carrier oil. It is not causing the "high" associated with THC! People use CBD oil for a range of reasons: promoting relaxation, managing daily stresses and supporting overall well-being. Its versatility extends to applications like skincare and even pet care. Learn more about CBD oil and its benefits >

What are the side effects of CBD Oil?

Numerous studies show the benefits of CBD oil. CBD and CBD-based products do not cause dependency or psychotropic effects. When overconsumed, they can cause very mild side effects such as dry mouth or fatigue. However, if you are taking medication or are pregnant you should speak to your doctor before using CBD-based products. Find out more about CBD oil side effects >

Does CBD oil help with pain?

It's important to point out that to date no official claims can be made regarding CBD product consumption and a reduction in pain. However, the treatment of pain is the most common reason for people to take CBD, and the interaction between CBD and the endocannabinoid system (ECS) represents a serious physiological basis for studying CBD in the treatment of pain. Learn more about CBD for pain relief >

Is Full Spectrum or Broad Spectrum CBD Oil better?

If you use CBD oil or would like to start, you will have come across “full spectrum” and “broad spectrum” products. Full-spectrum CBD oil and broad-spectrum CBD oil are both made from extracts of the hemp plant. Full-spectrum contains a trace of THC up to 0.3%, broad-spectrum CBD oil contains 0.0% THC. If you're worried about the effects of THC, either physically or as part of a drug test, it's best to choose a broad spectrum CBD oil. Learn more about full spectrum CBD oil > 

How to find the best CBD Oil?

When you're shopping for CBD oil, it's crucial to look for products that are made from high-quality hemp, have been thoroughly lab-tested for purity and potency, and last but not least contain less than 0.2% THC to comply with legal regulations. Learn more about how to find the best CBD oil >

Is a stronger CBD Oil better?

The higher the concentration of the CBD oil, the stronger it is. But the method of administration can also affect the perceived strength of the product. CBD oils are generally taken sublingually, i.e. they are placed under the tongue before being swallowed. It's important to remember that everyone is different and has their own tolerance towards CBD. High doses of CBD and 'potent' CBD tinctures and oils are not necessarily the best for everyone. Learn more about the strength of CBD Oils >

Is CBD Oil Legal?

Yes, CBD products like CBD oils, CBD vape and CBD gummies are legal to buy in the UK and in Europe. CBD is not classified as a narcotic and won’t get you “high”. Products are legal to sell and completely legal to buy as long as the THC content is less than 0.2%. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Learn more about the legality of CBD >

Does CBD Oil help with sleep?

While more research is needed to fully understand how CBD impacts sleep, some early studies suggest that it may help improve sleep quality and reduce insomnia symptoms. CBD works by interacting with the body's endocannabinoid system, a complex network that helps to regulate mood, appetite, and other important bodily functions. It's important to note that while CBD can help improve sleep, it is not to be considered a cure for sleep disorders! Learn more about CBD oil for sleep >

What is CBD Oil Good For?

Although research into the benefits of CBD is still in its early stages, many users have reported experiencing relief from issues such as anxiety, chronic pain, and sleep disorders. However, while CBD oil shows promising potential - always consult a medical professional before using it as part of your routine if you have underlying health conditions! Learn more about CBD oil and what it’s good for >

Does CBD Oil help with Arthritis?

Recent studies have looked into the effects of CBD on arthritis, showing a link between CBD consumption and the reduction or even cessation of other medications. Cannabidiol (CBD) could well have an impact on the symptoms caused by osteoarthritis. Find out more about CBD oil for arthritis >

How to Take CBD Oil?

CBD oil can be taken orally, and more specifically sublingually (under the tongue). Just place a few CBD oil drops under your tongue and hold them there for a minute or more before swallowing or taking a sip of water. This is by far the most common way to use CBD oil and due to the sublingual absorption the CBD can take effect quicker compared to ingesting it directly. Learn more about how to take CBD oil >

Is Hemp Oil the Same as CBD Oil?

Hemp (seed) oil is derived from the seeds of the hemp plant, while CBD is extracted from the leaves, stalks and the flowers. Hemp oil only contains negligible levels of cannabinoids like CBD but is rich in healthy omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. CBD oil, on the other hand, contains significant amounts of cannabidiol (CBD). Learn more about the effects and differences between hemp oil and CBD oil >

Do Reviews help to find the best CBD Oil?

Customer reviews are an invaluable resource in finding the very best product. They help to navigate the wide variety of CBD oils on the market and find a product that is right for you. We're proud to say that Harmony is one of the leading brands that has gained recognition for providing outstanding products over the years - and our excellent Trustpilot rating is testimony to that. Learn more about how to find the best CBD oil >

How Long Does it Take CBD Oil to Work?

The answer to this question depends on various factors like the method of consumption, the quality and concentration of the CBD oil and of course your individual body chemistry, but with persistence and the right product you will eventually be able to reap the benefits this natural remedy has to offer. Find out more about the time it takes for CBD oil to work >

Where Can I Buy CBD Oil?

You can find Harmony CBD products online on our website, on partner websites - and of course in selected physical CBD shops. We know that it's essential to know exactly what you're buying. This is why we offer a lot of practical resources, publically available certificates of analysis, and of course customer service via email or phone that is always there to answer any of your questions! Learn more about where to buy the best CBD Oil >

Where can I find CBD Oil on Sale?

You can benefit from an exclusive 10% discount by signing up to our newsletter. Additionally, you can follow us on social media to never miss a giveaway, sale or special offer! Learn more about things to consider when buying CBD >

Does CBD Oil Work?

CBD interacts with your body's endocannabinoid system which plays a crucial role in regulating various functions like pain, inflammation, mood and sleep. Research continues to uncover new potential benefits of CBD. Some studies have found that CBD oil could assist in pain management, anxiety reduction and inflammation relief. But if you have an underlying health condition please consult your doctor before incorporating CBD into your wellness routine! Learn more about CBD Oil >

How To Dose CBD Oil Correctly?

We suggest instead that you start with a small dose between 10-20mg of CBD. If you are heavier or more active, opt for the higher end. Monitor your body's reaction over time and gradually increase until you find your optimal dosage. It's essential to calculate your CBD usage correctly and keep track of the CBD amount you're taking in one day. Do not exceed a dose of 70mg of CBD per day. Learn more about how to dose CBD oil >

Could CBD Oil Help with Cancer?

Although preliminary findings show promise, the scientific evidence around the efficacy of CBD oil for cancer is still in its early stages! At present CBD oil should not replace conventional cancer treatments. However, it may be considered as a supplementary therapy. As always: it's important to consult with a healthcare professional before starting any new treatment or making changes to your existing treatment plan! Learn more about CBD oil for cancer >

Can I buy CBD Oil with THC?

In the UK and EU the legal status of CBD oil with THC varies depending on the exact THC content. Generally - CBD oil and other CBD products like gummies, capsules and vapes made from industrial hemp with less than 0.2% THC are considered legal. At this level there is no risk of intoxication caused by the THC. Learn more about CBD Oil with THC >

Does CBD Oil Show in a Drug Test?

If you are consuming CBD isolate products there is no need to worry about testing positive. And while there are no specific studies on broad-spectrum CBD products, it’s safe to assume that it will not cause any issues if the THC levels are truly below detectable levels in the product formulations. You should, however, be cautious with CBD products including THC traces (such as full-spectrum products) depending on the type of test you take. Learn more about CBD and drug testing > 

Can I Make CBD Oil at Home?

Making your own CBD oil at home can be a fun and cost-effective way to explore the benefits of CBD! When making CBD oil at home you obviously first have to buy high-quality CBD. The better the quality of your starting material, the better the end result will be. At Harmony we offer the finest CBD isolate in a handy 500 mg jar - perfect for all your DIY endeavours and thoroughly third-party tested. Learn more about how to make your own CBD oil >

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