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We conducted a comprehensive independent consumer study on our CBD Oil Spray - which demonstrated its remarkable ability to provide soothing sensations, promote a profound sense of calm and relaxation, enhance focus and mental clarity, and significantly improve sleep quality and recovery!

The Study

The study was conducted as an independent 3rd party trial

3rd Party Trial

The study was conducted over a 14 day period


The study had over 100 participants


The Study included ages 20-39


The CBD study included Male and Females

Male and

Conducted in the UK by Ayton Global Research Ltd


Out of over 100 participants trying our CBD Oil Spray for 14 days…

Harmony CBD Oil Consumer Study Results CBD Oil Consumer Study data
Harmony Consumer Study Calm Icon

More Calm from the First Application

73% of users feel a calming effect from day 1 - Increasing to 85% after 14 days!

In addition, they confirmed the spray feeling fresh and soothing, helping them to feel ready for the day ahead.

HarmonyCBD Study Calmer User Data Graph
HarmonyCBD Study Rested User Data Graph
Harmony Consumer Study Sleep Icon

Less Fatigue after 14 Days

67% of users feel more rested after week 1 - Increasing to 80% after 14 days!

In addition, they confirmed that the spray helps to relax in the evening and that the quality of their sleep and recovery improved.

Harmony Consumer Study Relaxed Icon

More Relaxed Week by Week

77% of users feel more relaxed after week 1 - Increasing to 85% after 14 days!

In addition, they confirmed that the spray helps to feel balanced, calm and collected during the day, as well as staying cool and focused during stressful situations.

HarmonyCBD Study Relaxed User Data Graph
Harmony CBD Spray is Highly Effective

Highly Effective

Remarkably, most testers found that consuming

between 10 and 30mg per day

was sufficient to achieve their desired outcomes!


We invited our testers to share their voluntary feedback about our Sprays - and this is what happened:

“I've never slept better than when I used this spray”


“Brilliant product and excited to buy it in the future! Highly recommend to friends and family.”


“I liked the taste, it helped me relax, and my mood was better after”


“I have had really good success with this spray. I’m a third year student nurse and I am experiencing lots of stress at the moment. This has helped to calm me down.”


“Pleasant and refreshing taste. I have noticed I have a much more settled sleep after using the spray. My lower back pain which has been bothering me for a few months has decreased” ”


“Extremely impressed with this product! I am a single father with 3 young children which can be very stressful but this CBD oil definitely helped me stay calm and kept my anxiety levels right down.”


Other Studies

We are of course not the only ones investigating CBD. The realm of research around it is expanding rapidly and numerous organisations are joining to explore the benefits of this remarkable compound. With regulations worldwide being lifted, the scientific community has gone on a journey to uncover and understand the true potential of CBD. Although all research is quite recent, the preliminary results are truly outstanding. CBD has demonstrated exceptional anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties - making it a promising natural compound. Furthermore, it has shown antipsychotic qualities and has the potential to help with substance addiction treatment (including smoking cessation). CBD has also exhibited significant effects in reducing anxiety and stress levels while enhancing the quality and duration of sleep. The application of CBD in skincare has gained considerable interest as well, with studies focusing on its effectiveness in addressing various conditions such as acne and psoriasis. Even the field of sports science has recognised its potential to help for example with muscle recovery after exercise. Last but not least, CBD has shown promise in alleviating (chronic) pain and also exhibits beneficial effects in specific painful inflammatory diseases like endometriosis. To provide you with valuable insights, we have compiled a selection of our favourite scientific and clinical studies: