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Meet the FLOW: The Champion of CBD Vape Pens

Step into the future of CBD vaping with Harmony. The FLOW is more than just a vape pen – it's an experience. FLOW isn't only about top-notch taste… it's about providing the purest most powerful CBD experience you can get! Each puff from this premium device - filled with 100% natural full-spectrum hemp extract containing 75% cannabinoids and our unique OG Kush terpene blend - offers an unforgettable flavour journey; taking you closer to the heart of world-famous cannabis strains. This potent experience is surprisingly affordable ensuring everyone can enjoy it. Ready to level up your vaping? Once you try the FLOW you'll see there's nothing else like it on the market. The Harmony FLOW is available as a single CBD vape cartridge and a rechargeable battery. It is also available as a handy vape starter kit. Simply screw the cartridge onto the battery - draw breath through the mouthpiece - and enjoy!

meetharmony FLOW CBD vape
Vape Juice vape CBD

Refill your E-Cigarette with our 10ml CBD Vape Juice

Seeking a classic vape experience? Explore our CBD vape e-liquids creation in 10ml bottles - with CBD concentrations from 30mg to 600mg - all at attractive prices. Crafted with top-notch pure CBD and PG/VG our e-liquids are compatible with any e-cig device. Our Originals range features the best cannabis flavours: OG Kush, Super Lemon Haze, Mango Kush, Pineapple Express, Kiwi Skunk and New-York Diesel. If you want to savour the advantages of CBD in a more conventional way: try our range of CBD infused Classics with Wild Strawberry, Moroccan Mint, Original Hemp, Baked Custard and Pink Lemonade. Or - if you just want to add some quality CBD to your existing mixes - get our Pure Base!

Discover the Perfect E-Cigarette for CBD

Searching for the perfect e-cigarette to experience our diverse range of 10ml CBD e-liquids? Look no further than the GO S vape from Innokin. Its sleek and user-friendly design facilitates a seamless vaping experience - making it the ideal companion for both new and experienced vapers. What sets this device apart is its refillable feature allowing you the freedom to experiment with a wide array of flavours and CBD concentrations. Using this refillable vape e-cigarette is a breeze. Simply fill the tank with your chosen juice. Follow the device instructions for optimal vaping.

GoS Vape Buy CBD Vape
FLOW vs E-Liquid CBD Vape Pen

What to Choose between the FLOW CBD Vape and our 10ml CBD E Liquid?

Picking the right CBD vape can be about easy-to-use prefilled vapes or the freedom of refillable e-cigarettes. Our Harmony FLOW is a prefilled cartridge system that gives you the strongest and purest full spectrum hemp experience - making it a top choice for those who want a strong CBD hit without any manual refill! If you like the traditional way of vaping with any devices: our 10ml e-liquids let you try out many flavours and CBD strengths. Refillable e-cigarettes let you change your vaping to suit what you like. No matter what you pick - remember that Harmony's products are made with top-notch quality control! We're one of the few CBD vape makers that do emission tests to make sure our products are safe. Remember that these products are meant for responsible adult smokers or vapers only and aren't made to treat or prevent any disease.

Please don’t buy CBD Disposable Vape Pens

A CBD disposable vape device is an all-in-one device. It contains a pre-filled cartridge and a battery. CBD disposable vapes are simple to use but get completely thrown away (including the battery) once the CBD e liquid is used up. This makes them a less eco-friendly alternative. Harmony always has nature in mind and therefore doesn’t offer fully disposable devices.

Disposable Vape Buy CBD Vape

What Is CBD?

CBD and THC are often confused. However using CBD vape won't cause intoxication. CBD is a compound with no psychotropic properties. It is derived from the hemp plant - a member of the cannabis family with very low THC content (usually less than 0.3%). The endocannabinoid system in our body interacts with CBD offering potential wellness benefits [2]. But even the most potent CBD doesn't cause the “high” experience associated with THC. THC is the only psychoactive and psychotropic compound in cannabis and illegal in most of the world.

What Is CBD Vape?

When you vape CBD you are inhaling the vapour produced by a CBD-rich hemp extract or CBD-infused e-liquid. The extract or e-liquid is heated inside a vape pen or other vaping device. The vapour is then absorbed into your lungs. This allows the CBD to enter your bloodstream more quickly compared to other consumption methods (such as ingestion or topical application) [1]. The rapid absorption may lead to a faster onset of the effects of CBD. This makes it ideal for those who seek quick relief or an alternative to smoking.

Is it Safe to Vape CBD?

Vaporising is generally considered safer than traditional smoking! A report by Public Health England states that vaping is at least 95% safer than smoking [8]. This is because it is significantly reducing the number of harmful chemicals consumed during the process.

Benefits of CBD Vapes

CBD users have reported experiencing relief from anxiety [3], pain [4] and sleep issues [5]. Moreover - and contrary to nicotine - CBD is considered non-addictive. In fact, CBD is being explored as a compound that may offer therapeutic properties in the treatment of drug addiction as its interaction with the body seems to soothe addictive behaviour [6]. This means it could be a great tool for cannabis or cigarette smokers looking to quit. It has even been concluded by the World Health Organization that CBD is safe and non-addictive [7].

The Safety of CBD

CBD is derived from industrial hemp. It typically contains negligible concentrations of THC. The European Court of Justice declared CBD is not a narcotic and its usage is subject to individual countries regulations across Europe [9]. Harmony - a leading CBD brand - ensures that their products comply with legal requirements. This is because we are using CBD raw materials extracted from hemp with less than 0.3% THC.

Is Vaping CBD Legal?

CBD is generally legal. The legality of specific CBD products however sometimes varies across Europe. Different countries might have their unique regulations. Harmony carefully monitors and follows the current legal situation in order to comply with local laws. As regulations may change it is essential to stay informed about the legality of CBD products.

Ingredients of our CBD Vape Pen

When choosing a CBD vape knowing the ingredients is essential. It will ensure you opt for one that best suits your preferences and needs! In this section we will discuss the different types of CBD used in vape products. We will also talk about the specific ingredients of Harmony ELiquids and Harmony FLOW.


Full-spectrum CBD

distillate contains all of the naturally occurring compounds found in the hemp plant. This includes small amounts of THC (under 0.3%). This means you can benefit from the "entourage effect" where cannabinoids found in the cannabis sativa plant work "synergistically". Meaning that they enhance their overall effect. It is also why this is one of the most sought forms of CBD.

Broad Spectrum Best CBD Vape Pen

Broad Spectrum CBD

Broad-spectrum CBD offers a middle ground between full spectrum and isolate. It contains all the beneficial cannabinoids and other compounds found in the hemp plant - with the exception of THC. Some people prefer broad spectrum because they want to avoid any interaction with THC. Harmony offers the best CBD oil and CBD spray on the market made with this ingredient.

Isolate CBD Vape Kit

CBD Isolate

CBD isolate is the purest form of CBD. It contains 99+% pure CBD while being free of any other cannabinoids, terpenes and plant compounds. This option is ideal for those who want to experience only the benefits of CBD without any other hemp-derived compounds.

Harmony FLOW CBD Vape pen

The Harmony FLOW range offers premium products with a full spectrum of compounds found in cannabis plants. It is renowned for its enriched blend of cannabinoids and terpenes. The FLOW products contain 100% natural full spectrum hemp extract with terpenes without any PG, VG, or other fillers.

Harmony FLOW Vape CBD Kit

Harmony 10ml Liquids

Harmony E Liquids are meticulously crafted. We use the finest quality ingredients that have been carefully selected for their purity: premium natural CBD isolate blended with propylene glycol (PG), vegetable glycerin (VG), terpenes and flavourings.

e-liquid CBD for Vape

Choosing A CBD Brand You Can Trust

When selecting a CBD vape it's essential to consider several factors to ensure you're getting a quality product that meets your needs. In this section we'll discuss CBD potencies and Dosage. We will also talk about Lab Testing and Quality Control. Last but not least, we will tell you about Ingredient Sourcing and Production.

How much CBD Vape to use?

Understanding the potency and correct dosage is crucial when vaping CBD. Harmony CBD vape liquid comes in several concentrations ranging from 30 to 600 mg of CBD. So you know precisely how much CBD you get! If you're new to CBD or vaping Harmony recommends starting with lower concentrations. Experienced vapers may opt for higher concentrations for a more potent experience! Remember that we don't recommend vaping CBD oil!

E-Liquids Concentration e-liquid cbd
Lab Testing buy cbd e-liquid

Quality CBD thanks to Lab Testing

Any trustworthy product should undergo regular lab testing for potency and quality control. Harmony CBD vapes are made with the finest ingredients (PG, VG, isolate CBD) and regularly tested for potency. We work with highly skilled and experienced certified laboratories. We ensure that our products meet strict standards. All of our vaping products are thoroughly emission tested and TPD registered in Europe. Believing in transparency we make the certificates of analysis available for everyone on a dedicated page.

Ingredient Sourcing and Production

When it comes to CBD vape it's important to know where the ingredients come from and how they are produced! Harmony sources its CBD from hemp grown in Switzerland. It is free from pesticides and other dangerous substances. We manufacture responsibly under strict Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) conditions in an ISO-certified clean room environment in Germany. Harmony is committed to sustainability. We select fully recyclable packaging options wherever possible to limit our impact on the environment. We also keep supply chains short and operate mainly within Europe. This ensures fair working conditions and low emissions! By considering these factors you'll be better equipped to choose a high-quality CBD vape that suits your needs.

Ingredient Sourcing and Production shop cbd e-liquid
Harmony Story buy cbd e-liquid

The Harmony Story

Antonin Cohen is the founder of Harmony. In 2009 he established the first association dedicated to the science of hemp in France. Determined to make the benefits of this powerful plant accessible to all he officially launched Kanavape in 2014 - the first CBD product in Europe. As a pioneer in the CBD and vaping industries Harmony has made significant contributions to the development of a sustainable CBD industry. Throughout the years Harmony has remained steadfast in its commitment to your well-being. As a result of this unwavering effort a major legal victory was achieved in 2020. The European Court of Justice declared CBD not to be a narcotic! This victory reflects Harmony's mission: to help you feel better and become the best version of yourself.

The Harmony Team

Harmony focuses on designing and manufacturing effective high-quality natural products. We offer an extensive selection of hemp products at fair prices - no matter if you're interested in taking CBD oil or looking for a new pen for CBD vaping. Harmony is led by a team experienced in hemp and natural product research.


Antonin Cohen has 15 years worth of experience in building international companies with a focus in product and operations. In 2009 he co-founded the first non-profit organisation dedicated to hemp sciences in France. In 2014 he launched his first CBD product. Antonin is a regular speaker at international conferences and is Director of Compliance at ACTIVE - the first pan-European trade association for CBD and Terpene products.


Dr. Anna Falk - our Head of Product - brings with her 12 years of experience in research and development across natural products with a focus on cosmetics and supplements. She applies her award-winning internationally published research and Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry to developing certified products to support your wellbeing.


Julien Magnenet is our Head of Operations and has more than 13 years worth of operating experience across various sectors. including the cosmetics and consumer medical products industries. He is a proven operator in lab environments with extensive international exposure including experience working in Mexico, France and Spain.
Harmony Team cbd e-liquid

Become a part of the 6 million CBD users in the UK

Sounds like CBD must be amazing, right? Maybe instead of only taking our word for it read here what other clients have to say:


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frequently asked question

Is CBD Vape legal in the UK?

CBD vape juice is legal in the UK and CBD e-liquid, vape pens and oil can be bought in-store or ordered online with fast delivery. Vaping CBD will not get you high.

Learn more about what you need to know before you buy CBD vape in the UK >

What is CBD Vape Juice?

CBD vape juice, also known as e-liquid or vape oil, is a liquid with CBD specifically made for use in e-cigarettes. In most cases, it contains CBD, Propylene Glycol (PG), Vegetable Glycerin (VG) and flavourings. You can simply fill it in a vaping device and enjoy the benefits of CBD. Find out more about the usage and benefits of CBD vape juice >

What is a CBD Disposable Vape?

CBD disposable vape pens are single-use devices that are pre-filled with a specific amount of CBD vape juice, offering users a convenient and maintenance-free method of consumption. There are fully disposable versions with in-built batteries, as well as more sustainable models where the battery is rechargeable and only the cartridge gets exchanged. Learn more in our ultimate guide for CBD disposable vape >

What is CBD Vape Oil?

CBD vape oil, also known as e-liquid or vape juice, is a liquid with CBD specifically made for use in e-cigarettes. It should not be confused with regular CBD oil which isn’t suitable for vaping! In most cases, it contains CBD, Propylene Glycol (PG), Vegetable Glycerin (VG) and flavourings. Find out more about the usage and benefits of CBD vape oil >

Where can I get the strongest CBD Vape?

To identify high-potency vape juices, you need to look for the ones containing the most mg of CBD per ml of liquid. The strongest Harmony e-liquids contain 600mg CBD per bottle, so 60mg per ml of juice or 6% strength. Our FLOW vape pen contains 100% pure hemp extract with over 75% CBD and other cannabinoids, making it the strongest vape available. Find out more about the strongest CBD vapes and how to pick them >

What does "Full Spectrum" CBD Vape mean?

Full spectrum CBD vape products contain not only CBD, but also other cannabinoids and terpenes from the hemp plant. This means they also contain a trace amount of THC - of course within the legal limits in the EU and UK. When these different plant components are taken together, they can amplify each other’s benefits in what is called the “entourage effect”, leading to a better user experience. Find out more about full spectrum vapes >

Do CBD Vape Pens work for anxiety?

Many people are searching for a natural way to cope with anxiety. And according to research, CBD, a non-intoxicating component from the cannabis plant, has potential calming effects on anxiety symptoms. This means that CBD vape pens could be a convenient and fast-acting option to support you in dealing with anxiety and other stressful situations. Find out more about CBD vape pens and their effects on anxiety >

What does CBD Vape do?

When you vape CBD, you inhale vaporised CBD e-liquid, allowing for its rapid absorption into the bloodstream through the lungs. Research showed that CBD might provide an array of potential health benefits, such as reducing anxiety and stress. It can also help with sleep issues, helping you to feel more rested. It is even explored for applications such as pain relief. And last but not least, it could help you stop smoking. Find out more about the benefits and effects of CBD vape >

How to find the best CBD Vape?

In order to find the best CBD Vape, you should take factors like the quality of the device and ingredients of the e-liquid, as well as your personal preferences into account. Harmony only works with well-known and established providers and we thoroughly analyse every ingredient that goes into our liquids, making the certificates of analysis available publicly. With many different flavours and CBD concentrations available, it should be no problem to find the best CBD vape for your preferences. Find out more about the top choices in CBD vape >

Which CBD Vape dosage is the best?

CBD vape juice comes in various concentrations so you can have a tailored experience. Which one is best depends on your personal preferences and the effects you are looking for. If you are a beginner, we would recommend you start with lower concentrations and see how it makes you feel before (and if) moving on to higher strengths. Learn more about the different potencies and types of CBD vape juices >

How can I find CBD Vape nearby?

The increasing popularity and demand for CBD vape products mean that you can find them in many physical stores and online. To find shops, just use phrases like “CBD vape near me” or “CBD shop London” in a search engine, and you will get plenty of results. If you are planning to go to a physical store, just make sure to check the opening hours beforehand to avoid disappointment. Online stores are more convenient as they are open 24/7 and often offer fast and free delivery to wherever you are. Find out more about the best options for CBD vape near you >

What are the benefits of using CBD Vape?

Science indicates a whole range of beneficial effects of CBD. Among them are stress relief and improved sleep, as well as pain management, anti-inflammatory effects and better recovery. CBD vaping is a popular method for experiencing the benefits of this compound in a rapid way, as they can be felt faster than with other methods of consumption. However, it’s very important to keep in mind that the effects of CBD vary from person to person and that it should not be taken as a replacement for medicine. Find out more about the benefits of CBD vape >

What can I expect from CBD Vape effects?

Research suggests that CBD can improve your overall wellbeing and especially has beneficial effects on stress and anxiety. It might also help with sleep, recovery, inflammation, cravings and even pain. Vaping CBD leads to quicker onset of effects than other methods of taking CBD. However, it’s very important to keep in mind that the effects of CBD vary from person to person and that it should not be taken as a replacement for medicine. Find out more about the impact of CBD vape on your wellbeing >

How do you use a CBD Vape cartridge?

Pre-filled CBD vape cartridges are very easy to use! Just remove any protective caps or packaging, connect them to a suitable vaping device or battery, and inhale through the mouthpiece to enjoy the benefits of CBD. Depending on the device you are using, you might have to hold down a button at the same time. Once the cartridge is empty, you simply replace it with a new one. Learn more about the benefits of CBD vape cartridges >

What does a CBD Vape Starter Kit include?

A CBD vape starter kit should contain all you need to start vaping immediately. The necessary components are a vape pen device or battery to provide power, a cartridge, pod or tank with a coil to hold the liquid - as well as a charger so you don’t run out of juice and a leaflet with instructions for use! With these in hand, you will have an easy starting point for experiencing the benefits of CBD vape. Learn more about the best options for CBD vape starter kits >

Which CBD Vape shop is the best?

CBD Vape Shops are growing in popularity and numbers. The best ones are those with a wide selection of CBD products, and - most importantly - personalised assistance to give you tailored recommendations for your needs and all the answers to your questions. Our dedicated customer service team is always here to help you! Just reach out to us vial email, phone or social media. Find out more about the best CBD vape shops >

Is reading a CBD Vape review worth it?

Since it has become increasingly popular to use CBD by means of vaping there is a multitude of products available. Many users report that CBD vape oil may offer numerous health benefits. With all the great stories surrounding CBD you might wonder how you can find the best vape kit for the best value to try out CB D for yourself. A trusted CBD vape review can be an invaluable resource for you in this regard.Reviews are definitely worth reading if you are looking to find accurate information and reliable recommendations. Learn more about CBD vape reviews >

What is a CBD Vape Bar?

A CBD Vape Bar is a small, portable, one-time-use electronic device in a particular shape. It is prefilled with a measured dose of CBD-infused vape liquid. These disposable devices are popular for their ease of use, convenience and variety of flavours. Unfortunately, they are not the most eco-friendly due to the fact that they are getting thrown away once the e-liquid or battery is depleted. This is why Harmony is currently not offering fully disposable products. Learn more about CBD vape bars and other vaping devices >

What is the recommended amount of CBD Vape to smoke?

With CBD vaping it's important to find the right balance - between getting the desired effects and not overdoing it or unnecessarily wasting money. Finding out the right dose for you will require some trial and error, as everybody’s reaction to CBD and cannabinoids is different. Start with a low dose and gradually increase your intake from there, depending on how it makes you feel. Learn more about how to measure your intake and optimising your experience >

What should you know about CBD Vape side effects?

Some users have reported experiencing minor side effects related to the use of CBD vape products. These are for example including dry mouth, dizziness and fatigue. However, it's worth noting that each person's experience may differ and some of these effects might not stem from the CBD but from other ingredients in the vape or the process of vaping itself. Many people also consume CBD vape products often without any noticeable side effects. Learn more about the possible side effects of CBD vape  >

What is the difference between CBD and THC Vape?

CBD and THC vapes offer different experiences. CBD has potential therapeutic benefits without causing a "high" while THC is the intoxicating psychoactive component in cannabis. While full-spectrum products made from hemp can contain traces of THC and are legal in the UK and EU, higher concentrated THC vapes from cannabis are illegal. Learn more about the varying types of products, as well as the associated benefits, risks, and legal aspects >

How does CBD Vape make you feel?

Many users report feeling a sense of relaxation and calm after vaping CBD. However, it is important to note that it won't make you feel high like THC would! Research indicates that CBD has various potential benefits on mood, stress, pain, recovery and overall wellbeing, making it worth exploring. Among the different ways of taking CBD, vaping is one of the fastest and most efficient ones. Learn more about CBD vape and how it makes you feel >  

Is it safe to combine CBD and nicotine Vape?

Both CBD and nicotine can be found in vape products but they have very distinct differences in properties, effects and potential health implications. CBD comes from the hemp plant and is known for its potential therapeutic benefits. Nicotine is an addictive substance found in tobacco, often associated with harmful health effects. This is also why they are seldomly found together in a single product and it is generally not advised to mix them. Learn more about CBD and nicotine vape products >

Does CBD Vape Work?

More and more people are turning to CBD vaping for potential relief from various ailments like stress, anxiety and trouble sleeping. Vaping CBD promises a fast onset and convenient way to experience its benefits. With a lot of vape options now available it's increasingly important to make a good buying decision. Learn more about how CBD vape works, the various forms it comes in and the potential benefits of using it >

What is a CBD Vape Shot?

If you're already set up with a vaping device and your favourite liquid but have no experience with CBD yet, a CBD shot or premix - a concentrated CBD liquid to be added to your existing one - might be a great way to get a foot in the door. Thanks to the often-praised relaxing properties of CBD, these shots can make an ideal addition to your daily wellness routine. At Harmony we offer Pure Base - a 1000mg CBD in PG premix or vape shot - that can be seamlessly added to your favourite liquids. Learn more about Vape Shots and how to pick the best ones >

Is CBD Vape Juice Legal in the UK?

In the UK CBD e-liquids are considered legal and enjoy basically the same status as liquids with nicotine - as long as they contain THC levels below 0.2%. While they might seem like a tedious obstacle, regulations play an essential role in ensuring the safety and compliance of CBD products on the market. Learn more about the legality of CBD in the UK >

Is a refillable CBD Vape pen better?

Refillable vape pens are especially appealing because they allow users to select any CBD vape liquid they want - and by doing so maintain control over the type and amount of CBD they consume. These vape devices also make it possible to enjoy a variety of flavours and strengths of CBD along with other customization options. Plus they are more eco-friendly than single-use options. Learn more about refillable CBD vape pens >

How can I find offers for CBD Vape juice for sale?

Finding the best CBD vape juice for the best price can be a daunting task, but fret not! Harmony has the best prices on the market. We also offer a 10% discount on your first order when you subscribe to the newsletter. In addition, we frequently run promotions on our social media profiles, so follow us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or TikTok to never miss a deal! Read more about CBD vape juice for sale in our guide to top quality choices >

Where can I find the best CBD Vape products in London?

From local vape shops to online retailers - London offers a wide range of options and great selection for those looking to explore the world of vaping CBD. Harmony is an established brand in the CBD scene with a diverse product selection. As you browse through the bustling London CBD vape scene look out for Harmony products to make sure to get the best products for your own personal wellness journey. Learn more about the the product offer for CBD vape in London >

What is a CBD Vape Additive?

Vape additives are made from CBD mixed into a base of propylene glycol (PG) and sometimes vegetable glycerin (VG). These boosters (or vape shots) are available in various strengths and usually unflavored to blend seamlessly into your favourite e-liquid. This offers a highly customisable experience. At Harmony we offer Pure Base - a premix of CBD in PG - that can be incorporated into any vape juice to make it a CBD vape juice. Learn more about the benefits of vape additives and how to use them > 

Does CBD Vape Get You High?

While both CBD and THC can be found in cannabis plants, CBD does not exhibit the same intoxicating effects that THC is well known for. When you use CBD products in the UK or EU you are not consuming THC in noteworthy amounts - so you won't experience a high. Vaping CBD instead provides a range of potential benefits. All without causing the euphoria associated with marijuana. Many people find CBD vaping to be a great natural and non-intoxicating way to support their wellbeing. Find out more about the effects of CBD vape >

What is the best Kush CBD Vape?

Our Harmony FLOW is the most potent OG Kush vape pen on the market - packing 500mg of full-spectrum CBD hemp extract into a discreet disposable cartridge. It does not contain any artificial flavourings, vegetable glycerine, or propylene glycol. With the FLOW, you can enjoy a relaxing puff delivering all the benefits of hemp-derived CBD. Learn more about kush CBD vape >

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