CBD Vape UK: What you need to know

If you're exploring the world of CBD in the UK - you may frequently have come across the popular method of vaping CBD. Popularity of CBD is on the rise and vaping is an attractive option for those who are already smoking or vaping as it is legal and many products are available to choose from in the UK. In this article we will look further into the details around CBD Vape and tell you all you need to know before you buy CBD in the UK.

CBD Vape UK: Legality and Regulation

CBD vaping in the UK has gained popularity in recent years. CBD use is not illegal! Nevertheless it is crucial for you to understand the legality and regulations surrounding it. CBD products - including vape pens - are legal in the UK as long as they contain less than 0.2 % THC. This is the psychoactive component found in cannabis. The World Health Organization has stated that CBD is safe and non addictive [1]. The European Court of Justice ruled that CBD is not a narcotic [2]. Companies like Harmony - a reputable CBD vape brand in the UK - ensure they use only CBD raw materials from industrial hemp containing less than 0.2 % THC and always monitor and follow the current legal situation.

Best CBD Vape UK: Where to Buy?

You can buy vapes online, as well as in traditional brick and mortar stores in the UK. Stores might allow you to try some of the devices before you purchase them while online outlets will certainly have a bigger selection and frequent promotions. Harmony has a logistics centre in the UK with fast delivery across the country using discreet packaging. So you don’t have to worry about long waiting times or any customs proceedings when buying your products from us. We even have next-day delivery options!

How CBD Vaping Works

Vaping CBD involves using a vape pen and CBD e-juice. It provides a quicker and more efficient way to experience the effects of CBD than for example taking CBD oil. In fact - vaping CBD also offers a higher bioavailability - meaning that it takes effect more rapidly and at lower quantities compared to other methods using products with the same CBD strength [3]. It is important to consider that vaping is at least 95 % safer than smoking tobacco products according to Public Health England [4].  

What are the Effects of CBD Vape?

CBD has potential benefits that have drawn people to try vaping CBD in the UK. Although more research is needed some studies suggest that CBD - in stark contrast to the addictive substance nicotine - might actually be a tool to treat substance addiction [5]. This means it could actually help you stop smoking having a beneficial effect on nicotine cravings. While THC (another component of cannabis) is highly psychoactive and can create the elated and euphoric state known as “high” CBD doesn't cause these effects. In fact: it can have an anti-psychotic effect [6]!

The Benefits of CBD

CBD has garnered attention for the potential therapeutic benefits of vaping CBD and its positive impact on wellbeing. Scientific studies suggest that it may have a variety of medical uses - including anti-inflammatory, anti-psychotic and anti-epileptic properties. It has also been found to help with sleep disorders, fibromyalgia and many other conditions [7]. The potential of CBD is huge but heavily depends on the dosage applied (the level of CBD you take). As you navigate the world of CBD vaping in the UK it's important to stay informed on the regulations, potential effects of CBD, different types of CBD and best practices to make the most of your experience!

Best CBD Vape UK: Types of Products

In the UK there are various types of CBD vape products available. They are catering to different preferences and needs. In this section we'll discuss the different types of products - such as disposable CBD vapes, refillable e-cigarette devices and CBD e liquid.

CBD Disposable Vape UK

Disposable CBD vape pens might offer a convenient way to vape CBD without the need for refilling or charging a device. However keep in mind: Harmony values the environment and does not produce or recommend fully disposable vaping devices! Instead we developed a solution called FLOW which combines the convenience of a prefilled single-use cartridge with a rechargeable battery. This allows you to enjoy the benefits of full spectrum CBD vaping while minimising environmental impact. Great, isn’t it?

Refillable E-Cigarette Devices UK

Refillable e-cigarette devices give you more control over your vaping experience and are more eco friendly. Harmony offers the easy-to-use GO S device from Innokin which comes with refillable tanks. This allows users to try different flavours of CBD vape liquid and find the best one to suit their needs!

CBD Vape Juice UK

Harmony offers some of the best CBD liquid on the market. Our Originals range combines CBD with terpenes - the aromatic compounds found in cannabis. They are believed to have a potential synergistic (beneficial) effect with cannabinoids called “entourage effect” [8]. We combine those ingredients with the purest PG and VG for a smooth experience.

CBD Vape Oil UK


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Because CBD vape oils contain vegetable oils it's essential to note that Harmony does not recommend vaping these products or vaping CBD oil in general! Vaping oils can be detrimental to lung health. Therefore it's crucial to stick to products specifically designed for vaping - such as CBD vape e-liquids.

In conclusion: there are various types of CBD products in the UK. This includes disposable and refillable options, CBD vape liquid and oil. However keep in mind it's essential to use the products safely. Choose options that align with your personal preferences and environmental concerns.

CBD Vape Starter Kit UK: Best for Beginners

As you explore the world of CBD vaping in the UK you'll come across various CBD vape starter kits and pens. These kits make it easy for newcomers to begin their CBD vaping journey. In this section we'll discuss the components of a typical CBD vape starter kit and differentiate between various CBD vape models.

Components of a CBD Vape Starter Kit

A CBD vape starter kit usually consists of the following components:

  • CBD vape cartridge or tank: A cartridge prefilled with CBD or a refillable one that you can fill with your choice of CBD vape liquid.
  • Battery: Powered by USB charging - it's the energy source for the vape pen.
  • Charger: A cable and attachment to recharge the battery when it runs out of power.

Some kits - like our affordable Harmony FLOW vape starter kit - come complete with everything you need to begin vaping CBD.

Differentiating CBD Vape Pen Models

When choosing a CBD vape it's essential to consider the following factors that distinguish different pen models:

  • Strength: Some CBD vapes deliver a more potent CBD dosage while others may provide a milder experience.
  • Battery life: The longevity of the pens battery affects the overall vaping experience.
  • Size and portability: Vape pens come in various sizes - from compact and pocket-friendly devices to larger more robust models.

When selecting your CBD vape kit in the UK you should consider factors like your lifestyle, desired strength and portability. 

Remember: CBD vapes are legal in the UK as long as they contain less than 0.2% THC! With various options to choose from you can find the right CBD vape kit that suits your needs.  The perfect way to embark on your CBD vaping journey!

Best CBD Vape UK: How to Choose?

When looking for the best products in the UK there are several factors to consider to ensure you get the best experience. In this section you will find guidance on evaluating quality and potency - comparing flavours and ingredients - and considering price and value.


CBD Vape


Evaluating Quality and Potency

For a high quality CBD vape experience it's essential to choose products made with the finest ingredients and tested for potency. Companies like Harmony offer different types of CBD vape juices made with premium ingredients like PG, VG and pure CBD isolate. Our CBD comes from hemp grown in Europe without the use of pesticides or other dangerous substances.

When considering potency Harmony offers CBD e-liquid in concentrations ranging from 30 to 600 mg of CBD. We recommend people new to CBD to start with lower concentrations while experienced vapers may prefer higher concentrations. We work with highly skilled certified laboratories and manufacture our products under strict GMP conditions in an ISO-certified clean room environment in Germany.

Comparing Flavours and Ingredients

As well as ensuring your product is of high quality you'll want to find a CBD e-liquid with the flavours and ingredients that suit your taste. Harmony offers an extensive range of flavours such as Cannabis Originals and Vape Classics that cater to different preferences. We believe in transparency making our certificates of analysis available for everyone on a dedicated website.

Considering Price and Value

When looking for the best vape pen, disposable vape, vape oil, vape kit or vape liquid in the UK: balancing price and value is crucial! Harmony focuses on responsible and sustainable practices while keeping the best most affordable prices on the market. Additionally, we use fully recyclable and eco-friendly packaging options wherever possible. We also limit our environmental impact by keeping supply chains short and operating primarily within Europe to ensure fair working conditions and low emissions! 

By carefully considering the above factors you'll be well-equipped to find the ideal product to meet your needs and preferences.


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Using CBD Vape Products Safely

When it comes to CBD vape in the UK it's essential to ensure that you do so safely and responsibly! This section will guide you through the proper storage, maintenance and precautions to consider when vaping CBD in the UK (no matter if you use disposable vape pens or a refillable CBD vape). We will also give advice on driving while using these products.

Proper Storage and Maintenance

To maintain the quality and effectiveness of your products it's important to store them properly. Keep your CBD e-liquids, vape pens and other products in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight to preserve their potency and prevent degradation (in other words: maintaining the amount of CBD in your product).

Taking proper care of your vaping device - even the best vape pen for CBD in the UK - is also vital. Clean the device regularly; paying attention to the mouthpiece, battery and tank to prevent residue buildup and ensure optimal performance.

Some tips for maintaining your vape device include:

  • Cleaning the connection between the battery and the tank regularly to prevent residue buildup
  • Ensuring that the threading on your device is clean and free from debris
  • Replacing coils or atomisers as needed according to the manufacturer's recommendations

Driving and Vaping CBD

In the UK it's crucial to be cautious when driving and using CBD. While CBD itself is generally not psychotropic and won't impair your ability to drive individual responses to CBD can vary.

Some key points to consider while driving and vaping CBD are:

  • Start with a low dose of CBD if you're new to vaping - as it may take time to determine how your body responds to it
  • Pay attention to your body and limit your CBD intake if you experience any side effects such as drowsiness or dizziness
  • Remember that the legal THC limit for driving in the UK is 2 micrograms per litre of blood - so ensure any products you use have negligible THC content to stay within the law!

By following these guidelines and using a vape UK CBD starter kit or vape pen for CBD in the UK you can safely enjoy the effects of CBD. All while ensuring you're abiding by UK regulations and prioritising your own safety on the road.

CBD Vape Reviews and Recommendations

In this section we will be focusing on the top-rated CBD infused vapes - as well as customer favourites for CBD vape juice and oil available in the UK. These recommendations have been carefully selected to ensure high quality and reliability.

Best CBD Vape Pen UK: Harmony FLOW

When it comes to CBD pens, the FLOW CBD vape has quickly become the top-rated product on the market. This high-quality easy-to-use device is a popular choice for those who want to enjoy CBD full spectrum without any hassle. With its sleek design and efficient performance the FLOW will quickly become your favourite device for enjoying strong CBD full spectrum CBD vape on-the-go.

Best CBD Vape Juice UK: Customer Favourites

A standout among the available brands in the UK is Harmony. We are known for our commitment to quality and exceptional range of CBD options:

  • Harmony Originals: Crafted with terpenes these vape oils are a definite favourite among customers. They provide a unique flavour experience in addition to the benefits of CBD. Available in different strengths they are the best CBD vape juice for users who want to enjoy CBD in various concentrations.
  • Best CBD Disposable Vape: The Harmony Flow combines the convenience of a pre-filled cartridge with the eco friendliness of a rechargeable battery. This device offers a fuss-free way to enjoy CBD without any need for maintenance.
  • Harmony CBD Vape Kits: For beginners Harmony also offers vape kits that include everything you need to start enjoying CBD. The UK CBD vape kit comes complete with a vape pen, CBD oil cartridge and charging cable - making it simple to get started!

Before making any decisions it's always a good idea to read some reviews to find out more about CBD and better understand what makes Harmonys products stand out from the rest. Remember it is not advised to mix CBD oil with regular e-liquid as this can reduce the efficacy of the CBD and damage your lungs.

In conclusion: when looking for the best CBD vaping products in the UK your top choices should include the FLOW vape pen and Harmony's range of vape juices and kits. With a focus on quality, user experience and a variety of options to suit different user preferences these products are highly recommended for anyone interested in exploring the world of CBD vaping.


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