All our products are made from 99% natural ingredients so we have no need for cruelty animal testing in laboratories. We have trusted relationships with each of our farmers to fully guarantee their commitment to growing hemp without the use of pesticides or any other dangerous substances that might compromise the quality of your CBD.


From the first seed, Harmony has been personal, people helping people. Each employee lives by that philosophy, using it to guide our approach to customer care. We don’t make a product if it can’t deliver a real benefit. Our customer service will always go above and beyond, not putting the company’s bottom line above our customers’ satisfaction. Empathy always comes first.


Harmony will never settle for the status quo. We believe there’s always room to do more, better. We believe it so much that we’ve constantly pushed to raise industry standards, setting the bar ever higher. Our products are tested and then tested again. The goal is to have safe products at affordable prices, always staying in harmony with nature. Our vision is a world where easy access to affordable CBD products isn’t a dream but a reality that’s improving daily life.


From the first day the company was founded, Harmony has embraced transparency and pushed for industry-wide quality controls. We always act to ensure that we have nothing to hide in how we conduct our business. Even more, we act to ensure that we’re proud to tell you how we do it. Since launching our first CBD product in 2014, we’ve always performed due diligence on our growing partners to ensure they share our values and have published the details on how our ingredients are sourced. Our customers rely on Harmony’s products to improve their wellness, and it’s a responsibility we take seriously.

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Harmony is a science-based approach to CBD and wellness that is developed and tested to make your life more awesome. We design and produce high-quality and efficient CBD products, at fair prices.