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Harmony is a wellness company. Our mission is to help every person find the best version of themselves through the power of plants. We design and produce high-quality and efficient products at fair prices. When you care about your daily habits, everything becomes possible. Harmony is the support that gets you where you want to go.

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Quality matters. When shopping for CBD products, you want high-quality ingredients. You want formulations backed by science. You want legally compliant products that smell good, taste good, and make you feel even better. That’s what Harmony delivers:

  • Quality ingredients at fair prices
  • Lab-tested potency & purity
  • Flavourful formulations and compliant packaging
  • Close partnerships with farmers to maintain high standards.

growing harmony

Entreprise CBD Harmony

In 2009, Antonin Cohen - Harmony’s founder & CEO - created France’s first non-profit organisation dedicated to the usage of hemp for medical and wellbeing applications. What he discovered about hemp changed his life. Cannabinoids brought him both a new peace of mind and better sports performance. Drawn to entrepreneurship, he wanted to make this powerful plant accessible to all. It became his mission.

Back then, CBD wasn’t available on the market. Antonin started growing hemp to extract CBD, giving out his first products to family and friends in order to help them live their healthiest lives. They loved it, and those reactions made him decide to officially launch his company in 2014. CBD still wasn’t a booming industry by any means - most people didn’t know about it, banks wouldn’t open accounts for hemp companies, manufacturers wouldn’t touch CBD… There were huge challenges that few other entrepreneurs have to face.

Antonin Cohen fondateur Harmony CBD

Antonin continued, pouring his resources into education and quality control. Since CBD was new, he needed to explain why it was compliant with the law, how to use it, and what quality standards should be applied. To help develop a sustainable CBD industry, he co-founded two trade organisations: ACTIVE for all of Europe and the Syndicat du Chanvre in France.

It paid off; Harmony products are now sold in 3200 retail locations spread across 42 countries, and the company is one of Europe’s leading CBD brands, according to the Brightfield Research Group. Even with an expanding business, Antonin’s dedication to the well-being of Harmony’s customers hasn’t wavered. As one of the earliest advocates of independent lab testing for every CBD batch, he leads the way on quality control and consumer transparency in the CBD industry.

This commitment culminated in a huge victory in 2020 in the Court of Justice of the European Union, where CBD was declassified as a narcotic in France. Antonin was instrumental in bringing about this change.

This long-standing history in a young industry explains Harmony’s continued dedication to science and nature, creating innovative products rich in cannabinoids and terpenes that benefit people in need of effective wellness solutions.

Chef de produit Harmony CBD

led by experts

Harmony is led by a team experienced in hemp and natural product research. Dr. Anna Falk, our Head of Product, brings with her 12 years of experience in research and development across natural products, with a focus on cosmetics and supplements. She applies her award-winning, internationally published research and Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry to developing certified products to support your wellbeing.



From the first seed, Harmony has been personal; people helping people. Each employee lives by that philosophy, using it to guide our approach to customer care. We don’t make a product if it can’t deliver a real benefit. Our customer service will always go above and beyond, never putting the company’s bottom line above our customers’ satisfaction. Empathy always comes first.

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Entreprise CBD qualité Harmony

All our products are made from 99% natural ingredients so we have no need for cruelty animal testing in laboratories. We have trusted relationships with each of our farmers to fully guarantee their commitment to growing hemp without the use of pesticides or any other dangerous substances that might compromise the quality of your CBD.


Harmony will never settle for the status quo. We believe there’s always room to do more, better. We believe it so much that we’ve been constantly pushing to raise industry standards, setting the bar ever higher. Our products are tested and then tested again. The goal is to have safe products at affordable prices, always staying in harmony with nature. Our vision is a world where easy access to affordable CBD products isn’t a dream, but a reality that improves daily life.


From the first day the company was founded, Harmony has embraced transparency and pushed for industry-wide quality controls. We always act to ensure that we have nothing to hide in how we conduct our business. Even more, we act to ensure that we’re proud to tell you how we do it. Since launching our first CBD product in 2014, we’ve always performed due diligence on our growing partners to ensure they share our values and have published the details on how we source our ingredients. Our customers rely on Harmony’s products to improve their wellness, and it’s a responsibility we take seriously.

management team

Antonin Cohen CEO Harmony CBD
Antonin Cohen


Antonin has 15 years' worth of experience in building international companies with a focus in product, marketing and operations. In 2009, he co-founded the first non-profit organisation dedicated to hemp sciences in France. In 2014, he launched his first CBD product. Antonin is a regular speaker at international conferences and is Director of Compliance at ACTIVE, the first pan-European trade association for CBD and Terpenes products.

Anna Falk Chef de Produit Harmony CBD
Dr. Anna Falk

Head of Product

Anna obtained her PhD degree in Organic Chemistry with highest honours and has a combined nine years' worth of experience in R&D and project and product management across the fields of natural product synthesis, catalysis and cosmetics. She has produced award-winning, internationally published research at the Universities of Berkeley, Edinburgh, and Cologne.

Julien Magnenet Responsable des Opérations Harmony CBD
Julien Magnenet

Head of Operations

Julien has more than 10 years' worth of operating experience across various sectors. including the cosmetics and consumer medical products industries. He is a proven operator in lab environments with extensive international exposure, including experience working in Mexico, France and Spain. Julien earned his BBA at EDHEC Business School.

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