Is CBD Vape Juice Legal in the UK? A Guide to the Law

Cannabidiol - commonly known as CBD, a cannabinoid from the hemp plant - has gained significant attention for its potential benefits and uses in various products ranging from CBD tincture and CBD oils to CBD topicals. Among the most popular of these products are CBD vape juices (also known as vape oils, e-liquid or just CBD vapes). These allow users to inhale CBD in the form of vapour by means of a vaporiser device. As CBD and its related products become more popular it's essential to understand the laws and regulations surrounding their use - especially in the United Kingdom.

In the UK CBD e-liquids are considered legal and enjoy basically the same status as liquids with nicotine - as long as they contain THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) levels below 0.2%. While they might seem like a tedious obstacle, regulations play an essential role in ensuring the safety and compliance of CBD products on the market. Companies like Harmony have taken steps to ensure their products meet these legal requirements - providing customers with confidence and peace of mind about the quality and legality of CBD vape juices.

Key Takeaways

  • CBD vape is legal in the UK if it contains less than 0.2% THC
  • Compliance with UK regulations is the basis of CBD product safety
  • Harmony offers legal CBD vape products in the UK market

Is CBD Vape Juice Legal in the UK?

In the UK CBD vape juice is legal - as long as it complies with the regulations regarding THC levels (and other controlled substances of course). According to UK law any CBD product (including vape juices) must have THC levels below 0.2% to be deemed legal.

As a consumer in the UK you can generally enjoy CBD vape juices without being scared about breaking the law. But if you can - verify the contents of the product you're about to use to ensure it adheres to the legal THC limit. Stay away from products that are promising to treat or cure any medical conditions. Making medical claims like this is strictly prohibited and a sign of a company that oversteps the law.

Since the UK has left the European Union it has to be looked at separately when it comes to the legality of CBD vape juice. At present however UK laws and regulations remain similar to those in the EU - enabling you to continue using CBD vape juices worry-free. But as this might change down the line find some reliable sources to always stay up to date with any changes in legislation.


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Is CBD Vape Legal: Understanding CBD and THC


Cannabinoids are naturally occurring molecules found in the Cannabis Sativa plant. The two most well-known ones are cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Both of them display very different effects. CBD is a non-psychotropic compound - meaning it doesn't produce a "high" feeling [1]. THC on the other hand is the psychoactive compound in the cannabis plant responsible for the intoxicating effects.

THC Content

The psychoactive effects of THC are the critical factor in the legality of cannabis products as it is considered to be a narcotic (in contrast to CBD, which is explicitly not a narcotic [2]). In the UK products with THC levels less than 0.2 % are legal - while those with above 0.2% are considered illegal and controlled substances.

A side note: strict guidelines are also in place within the European Union to ensure CBD products do not contain high levels of THC. Under the current legislation most products that can be legally bought in the EU are also legal in the UK and vice versa. However since Brexit laws can change abruptly so always stay up to date with the latest rules and regulations!

By understanding the differences between CBD and THC you can select legal CBD vape juice confidently. Make sure to always buy from reputable brands and stores that adhere to UK and EU regulations.  


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Is it Legal to Vape CBD in Public?

Vaping CBD in public is generally allowed wherever it is allowed to vape in general (nicotine or not). But it is of course recommended that you respect others around you and use common sense and decency when choosing where to vape.

When you're in public and want to vape CBD products like for example Harmony's vape juice - keep in mind that public opinion and hostility towards vaping can vary. While the smell and taste of - let's say - OG Kush - might appeal to you, it might not be everyone's preferred choice. Always respect the people around you and comply with any specific rules laid out by businesses or local authorities.


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CBD Vape Products

CBD vape products have gained popularity in the UK and beyond - and many people enjoy the potential benefits of CBD [3] through vaporisation. CBD vape juice - also known as CBD e-liquid or CBD vape oil - is a product most frequently made with high-quality CBD isolate on the basis of PG and VG - specifically designed to be used in vape pens or e-cigarettes. It will not get you high.

When choosing the best CBD vape products it's essential to look for high quality, safe and effective options. Your priority should be to find the right CBD company you can trust. This company must have a certain commitment to quality and offer a wide range of CBD vape juices for you to choose from.

When it comes to devices - vape pens are a popular way to consume CBD, especially for beginners. There are many disposable vapes and cartridges available on the market for a convenient and straightforward experience without much maintenance. When vaping CBD be aware of the potential side effects of CBD and vaping (especially when overdoing it) such as dizziness, dry mouth and fatigue. Lower you intake if you notice any of these. 

When you are incorporating CBD vaping into your daily routine knowing the right dosage is crucial. It varies for individuals based on factors such as body weight, individual tolerance and the desired effect. Start with a low dose of CBD and increase it gradually to find the optimum amount for your needs. If you are a non-smoker or non-vaper we would not advise you to get started with vaporisation. Instead there are many other excellent products to choose from - such as CBD oils and topicals. 


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