CBD Oil Benefits: What To Expect?

What is CBD?

CBD - or cannabidiol - is one of the most widely studied and used active substances in cannabis worldwide. Because of its properties this plant is increasingly used in the medical field and in wellness products. CBD is a non-psychotropic and non-addictive substance [1].

Cannabinoids are chemical molecules found in the cannabis plant. The two best-known compounds are CBD and THC. They are often confused - yet it is vital to understand the difference between these two. THC is a cannabinoid with psychotropic effects. In fact: THC is the active substance in cannabis that causes the 'high' effect. CBD on the other hand is not a psychotropic substance - it is non-toxic and is used medicinally for its therapeutic properties. CBD use was shown to have relaxing and analgesic (pain relief) effects.

CBD is extracted from cannabis leaves and flowers which are processed to remove harmful substances. Cannabidiol is extracted using alcohol or CO2 as a solvent. 

CBD can be consumed in various forms (oils, capsules, cosmetics, vapes, etc.) and combined with other ingredients. In the UK and EU CBD products are available online, in specialist shops and in pharmacies and parapharmacies.


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Benefits of CBD 

More and more studies are demonstrating the health benefits of the CBD compound. In particular CBD is said to combat pain, inflammation, stress and social anxiety [2]. CBD may also be able to help relieve certain chronic conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, neuropathic pain and migraines [3]. It is important to remember that nonprescription CBD products are not a substitute for prescribed medical treatment and are not considered to be medicines! You should speak to your healthcare provider before taking CBD if you have any underlying medical condition. However: the WHO (World Health Organisation) is in favour of increasing research into the benefits and use of CBD.

The maximum daily amount of CBD recommended is generally around 70 mg [4].

What is CBD Oil?

CBD oil is the best-known product for taking CBD orally. Its formulation varies from brand to brand but it always contains a synergy of hemp extract and carrier oil (MCT coconut oil, olive oil, hemp seed oil, etc.). This form of CBD is generally taken sublingually (under the tongue) - allowing it to be absorbed directly through the mouth and pass into the stomach. 

In the UK and EU CBD oil is available in pharmacies and can be purchased in specialist shops and online.

There are two types of hemp-derived CBD products: full-spectrum and broad-spectrum. Full-spectrum CBD oils contain THC residues while broad-spectrum oils have a THC content of 0.0%. Opt for a broad-spectrum or full-spectrum CBD oil rather than a product with pure CBD isolate in order to benefit from the entourage effect (a beneficial synergy between cannabinoids) [5]. Choose broad-spectrum CBD products rather than full spectrum if you don't want to consume a product containing a tiny amount of THC!

The immediate effects of CBD oil depend on the CBD concentration of the CBD oil and the dosage chosen. 

The Benefits of CBD Oil 

Research on CBD and its effects has highlighted the many potential benefits of consuming CBD oil. However: there is still a long way to go in terms of research! And although CBD oil consumers are the first to point out that CBD is effective and praise the health benefits of CBD oil these products should not be viewed as medicines (the only exception being prescription CBD products). 

CBD Oil for Sleep

Sleep is an important part of a fulfilled life. In fact it has been proven that a lack of sleep can negatively affect health; particularly mental health. Studies have shown that poor sleep can lead to anxiety and depression. There is also a direct correlation between sleep disorders and anxiety problems.

Studies found that CBD oil can be used to improve the quality of your sleep by acting on the balance of the nervous system [6].

CBD Oil for Stress and Anxiety

Anxiety is a feeling of fear that can occur occasionally or chronically. It can lead to inner tension, difficulty concentrating, irritability or disturbed sleep. Studies suggest that CBD can have a positive impact on people with anxiety disorders by acting on the nervous system [7]. CBD interacts with certain receptors which may encourage the natural production of anxiolytics.


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CBD Oil for Epilepsy

According to a number of studies CBD oil may be a tool to combat epilepsy as it could reduce seizures [3]. People with epilepsy can also suffer from sleep disorders and anxiety that CBD may help reduce. The doses prescribed by doctors in these studies were higher doses of CBD than usually taken for wellness purposes.

CBD Oil for Addictions

Addictions can be caused by a variety of factors including the use of drugs, alcohol or medication. Psychotropic substances can have negative effects on health and cause sleep disorders such as insomnia. CBD products are safe in this regard as CBD is not psychoactive and may indeed have a calming effect on the body [8]. It also has anti-inflammatory properties which could help further reduce the stress, anxiety and nervousness caused by addiction.

CBD Oil for Pain

Studies suggest CBD oil can help relieve pain. This is why CBD oil is widely used in sports. Preclinical studies show that CBD may help improve recovery and reduce muscle pain [9]. It could also reduce pain caused by certain illnesses such as osteoarthritis or chronic pain linked to injury [10].

CBD oil may also prove effective for pain associated with menstruation. Some users recommend CBD to relieve cramps and pain caused by endometriosis and there are studies that support this perception [11]

CBD oil is said to be beneficial in the treatment of migraines by reducing headaches and improving sleep.

CBD Oil for the Skin

Topical CBD is said to have benefits for the skin. In fact its anti-inflammatory properties could help soothe irritated or damaged skin and improve the quality of your skin [12]. CBD oil can be used to complement and boost regular cosmetics.

CBD Oil Benefits and Consumption

How Many Drops of CBD Oil Should I Take? 

Studies on CBD and its effects have shown that taking CBD for just one day may not be enough to reap all the benefits of cannabidiol. It is therefore preferable to take it for longer.

In fact: regular consumption can have positive effects. Be patient when you use CBD oil. Although the notion of time varies from one profile to another and there are no clear studies on this point. Effects are usually more pronounced after 30 days of regular CBD doses. 

You should experiment and match the effects that you are looking for with the CBD concentration of your oil and your individual tolerance. On each of our product pages you will find the dose of CBD oil that we recommend for all our concentrations of CBD oils. Don't hesitate to contact us to find out more about the ideal dosage.


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Potential Side Effects of CBD Oil 

You might wonder about the side effects of Cannabidiol. While none of them are severe - especially high doses of CBD can have some unwanted effects like fatigue and a dry mouth. So don't use CBD if you have a particular medical condition without talking to your doctor or if you're pregnant or breast-feeding. It is also essential to follow the recommended dosage without overdoing it and taking high doses of CBD.

Why Choose Harmony CBD Oils?

Our CBD oils - available in spray or drop format - guarantee you a quality CBD product. Our hemp is organically grown and our broad spectrum CBD oils are THC-free. Thanks to our pipette or spray format you can easily adapt your dosage for each product.


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