Full Spectrum CBD E Liquid: What Makes It Different?

Full spectrum CBD e liquid is rapidly gaining popularity among smokers and vapers alike. But what makes it so special? It's its unique blend of compounds that is the same that can be found in the cannabis or hemp plant that makes all the difference. In contrast to other liquids - full-spectrum contains not only CBD but also other cannabinoids like CBG, CBC, CBE, CBN and even a little trace of THC. Further it contains a mix of natural terpenes and flavonoids, which all work together to generate what's known as the "entourage effect". This phenomenon means that the all these different components within the liquid can work together (synergistically) to produce a wider range of potential benefits compared to what CBD on its own would provide [1].

Key Takeaways

  • Full-spectrum CBD contains all the compounds naturally present in the cannabis plant
  • The presence of all these compounds together causes the synergistic "entourage effect"
  • Vaping allows for a quick absorption and discrete use of cannabinoids

Full Spectrum CBD E Liquid: The Basics

Full-spectrum CBD vape liquid (also known as CBD vape juice) contains a variety of cannabinoids. This includes cannabidiol (CBD), CBG, CBN and - among many others - trace amounts of THC. This wide variety of cannabinoids is believed to lead to an entourage effect where all the compounds enhance each other.

In the UK and the EU CBD products have to be derived from hemp in order to be legal. This plant naturally contains very low levels of THC - and as a result full-spectrum products will generally have levels of less than 0.3-0.2% THC. This makes them perfectly legal in the UK and EU. Always stick to reliable brands like Harmony to make sure the product you purchase adheres to local regulations.

E-liquids come in a wide variety of flavouring - so you should easily find something that is to your liking. As long as they are PG/VG based they should be compatible with most standard vaporizer models. If you're new to vaping or CBD itself - start with a low dosage. This advice is especially important for full spectrum products as their effects can be more pronounced. Take a few puffs and closely monitor your reaction. Take more if desired and note down your final number of puffs for the next time you vape. The effects of CBD can vary from individual to individual, so your ideal dose might not be what works for someone else. 

Keep in mind that while the potential effects of CBD are very promising (we will talk about them later) it's very important to not regard CBD as a cure-all. It is not medicine and it should only be used to address medical issues under the supervision of a healthcare specialist. 


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How to Vape Full Spectrum CBD E Liquid

To vape any sort of e-liquid you will of course need a vaping device or vape kit. As long as your liquid is PG/VG based any standard vaping device will do the trick. There are some with more or less adjustable settings, such as air intake, temperature, and others. Next you have to choose a full spectrum CBD liquid with a flavour and concentration that suits your needs. There are many available from liquid that contains 100mg CBD to higher concentrations like 1000mg.

When you have your vape and CBD vape e-liquid ready, fill your device's tank according to the manufacturer's instructions. Make sure to avoid overfilling it - this can lead to leaks and uncomfortable spluttering. Once your tank is filled allow the liquid to soak into the coil for a few minutes. This will ensure optimal flavour, avoid dry hits and a burnt taste that would force you to replace the coil or entire tank.

If you are looking for a more pure experience and want to avoid diluents and fillers like PG/VG the Harmony FLOW might just tick all your boxes. It is vape pen with prefilled cartridges containing pure full-spectrum CBD distillate. You simply screw the cartridge onto a rechargeable battery pen and you're good to go - without any further setup or maintenance required.

No matter which option you choose - once you're all set up and ready to vape just inhale through the mouthpiece. Start with a few gentle puffs. As you become more comfortable, you can adjust the settings to find your ideal vaping experience.

Remember to clean and maintain your vaping device regularly. In the case of a refillable vaping device replace the coil as needed (for example when it starts to taste burnt or otherwise weird) to ensure a smooth and flavourful vaping experience. 


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Best Full Spectrum CBD E Liquid

If you're looking to buy CBD vape oil, look for brands that use high-quality hemp extracts - preferably sourced from organically grown plants. This ensures you're getting a product free from any harmful pesticides or chemicals. 

When it comes to value it is true that full-spectrum CBD products can be a bit more expensive than their CBD isolate counterparts. However the added benefits are generally considered to outweigh this cost difference. The vaping experience is much more holistic and natural feeling due to the presence of multiple cannabinoids.

The best CBD vape with highest quality and value for money on the market at the moment is the Harmony FLOW. This handy full spectrum CBD vape is made with pure hemp extract, without any PG, VG, MCT oil or other fillers. 

Benefits of Full Spectrum CBD E Liquid

Using CBD E-Liquid offers various benefits. It starts with the delivery method. When you vape CBD it enters your bloodstream directly through the lungs. This way bypasses the digestive system which means you'll feel the effects more quickly and efficiently [2].

Many users report using CBD against stress and to sleep better [3]. And indeed, science suggests that CBD has anxiolytic effects [4] and even small quantities have been shown to induce sleep as efficiently as melatonin supplements [5]. but the benefits of CBD don't stop there. We also know that it is useful in pain management, whether it's chronic pain [6] or pain related to an inflammatory disease like endometriosis [7]. But there is more: CBD may also help you to recover from exercise quicker [8].

And there's another benefit that is particularly interesting for nicotine smokers or vapers: CBD seems to be an assent in combating substance addiction [9]. In a recent study, smokers were able to reduce their cigarette consumption by 40% when provided with a CBD inhaler [10]

If you want to use CBD but you're not a smoker or vaper don't worry. There are many other products available, like CBD drops, gummies, and CBD oil sprays that are all a great alternative to vaping. 


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Broad Spectrum CBD E Liquid vs Full Spectrum CBD E Liquid

When choosing a CBD product you'll come across three main types of CBD: isolate, broad spectrum and full spectrum. 

Isolate CBD - like the name suggests - is pure CBD isolate. It contains no other cannabinoids or compounds like terpenes and flavonoids. It is most popular among purists that want to savour the effects of CBD on its own. As it is flavorless it is easy to infuse into a variety of products. 

Broad spectrum CBD contains all the naturally occurring compounds of the hemp plant such as cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids. But with the THC component removed completely! This gives you the benefits of a milder 'entourage effect' without the risk of ingesting THC (if this is something you want to avoid).

Full spectrum CBD contains all the components found in the plant - including trace amounts of THC. Due to regulations in the UK and EU full-spectrum here contains less than 0.2 % THC. This can provide a more potent 'entourage effect' than broad spectrum products.

In summary: full spectrum CBD e-liquids offer a convenient and enjoyable way for you to experience the potential benefits of hemp's numerous cannabinoids. Just be sure to purchase from reputable brands like Harmony to get the best value for money and free delivery. Happy vaping!


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