Cannabis CBD E Liquid: A Game Changer for Your Wellness Routine?

CBD vape e liquids have become more and more popular in the recent few years. This is largely due to the many reports of beneficial effects users of CBD juice report. More and more vapers pick up CBD infused e-liquids to replace traditional nicotine ones in their daily routine. For smokers, the switch to vaping offers an alternative to traditional cannabis consumption that emits less harmful substances. This makes it an appealing option for those looking to feel the effects of CBD without experiencing the adverse effects of smoking. 

CBD (and with that CBD vape and CBD oil tinctures) is not a narcotic and generally legal in the UK and the EU. This is as long as it is derived from the hemp plant, a cannabis variety with naturally very low levels of the psychoactive THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). As long as the levels of this intoxicating compound - infamous for causing a "high" effect - are below 0.2-0.3%, products are regarded as legal. The exact cut-off varies depending on the specific region you are in, so it is always best to check the local regulations - especially when you are travelling. This also makes it important to buy CBD from reputable companies like Harmony that ensure quality and compliance.

Key Takeaways

  • Many users of CBD e-liquids and oil products report beneficial effects
  • Vaping offers an attractive and less harmful alternative to nicotine vapers and traditional smokers
  • CBD and THC are fundamentally different in their effects and legal status. CBD is legal in the UK and EU.

Cannabis CBD E-Liquid

Using e liquid that contains CBD is a popular choice among UK and EU consumers who want to enjoy the benefits of this exciting compound without smoking or ingesting it. E liquids (also known as CBD vape oil and CBD vape juice) are typically made from a type of CBD extract mixed into a base of propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG). They can be flavourless or with a variety of flavourings added. At Harmony we offer classic vape flavours like Wild Strawberry and Vanilla Custard alongside original cannabis flavours like OG Kush and Super Lemon Haze. These liquids are compatible with almost all standard vaping devices - making the benefits of CBD easily accessible.

As you look for the best CBD vape there are a few things to consider. Pay attention to the ingredients used in the product. A good quality liquid should contain only carrier liquids like PG or VG. It's best to avoid those containing MCT oil as this coconut-derived vegetable oil might cause damage to your vaping device and - most importantly - your lungs. It should only be used in CBD oil for oral ingestion or topical application. Make sure the CBD itself is sourced from high-quality cannabis plants that have been grown organically to ensure the best possible product free of pesticides and other harmful substances.

Finally it's crucial to ensure that the CBD product you purchase is compliant with UK and EU regulations. The THC should be within legal limits and manufacturers should provide evidence of third-party laboratory testing.


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Legal Status in the UK and EU

CBD vape juice in the UK is generally considered legal as long as it meets specific requirements. The primary condition is that the product does not contain more than 0.2% THC. CBD on the other hand is not classified as a controlled substance in the UK. This allows for the legal sale and use of CBD e-liquid or CBD oil as long as they comply with these guidelines.

In the EU regulations surrounding CBD products can vary a bit between member states. Fundamentally, CBD is not regarded as a narcotic. In addition to that most European countries require that products contain less than 0.3% THC - which is also the legal limit for the hemp plant itself. Some countries may have stricter rules in place so it's essential for you to familiarize yourself with local regulations.

Where to Buy CBD E-Liquids

CBD e liquid and CBD vape products in general can be found both online and in store in many places in the UK and EU. Just look for reputable brands like Harmony to ensure you're staying in compliance with the law and receive premium quality CBD with third-party lab test results. 

  • Quality: Always check for the certificates of analysis of the products you are planning to buy. Ask the shopkeeper or browse the website for them.

  • Selection: Check for a brand or store offering CBD vape liquids in various flavours and strengths so you can adjust the dose of CBD to your needs.

  • Customer reviews: Reviews can give you valuable insights into a company's or shops customer service level and the quality of the products on offer.

If you are planning to buy online consider these additional points:

  • Look for official brand websites - such as the Harmony one.
  • There are websites dedicated to selling vape products - here you can often find a great selection, but probably not the full range of a certain brand.
  • Online health and wellness stores might carry a curated selection of CBD-infused products, including vape liquids.
  • Stay away from shady looking marketplace offers or reselling platforms - you will often find counterfeit products there.


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Types of CBD Vape Products

When it comes to CBD e-liquid and vape products you have a variety of options to choose from. There are different types of CBD e-liquids, vape pens and vape kits available to consume CBD. 

CBD Vape E-Liquid: CBD vape oil products contain CBD extracted from hemp and are designed for use with standard vape devices. They are available in various flavours and concentrations - allowing you to adjust your CBD intake based on your preferences and needs. 

Full Spectrum CBD vs CBD Isolate: As you browse through CBD e-liquid selections you'll likely come across these two terms. Full-spectrum CBD contains a range of other cannabinoids - including a small but legal trace of THC - and compounds found in the cannabis plant. This can lead to the so-called entourage effect where they all work synergistically to reinforce each others benefits [1]. CBD isolate on the other hand refers to products containing only pure CBD. It is more suitable for those who prefer to experience the effects of CBD on its own.

Vape Pens and Vape Kits: There are different types of CBD vape devices. Vape pens are portable easy-to-use devices that come in various styles with more or less additional functionalities like variable temperature or air intake. Vape kits typically include everything you need to get started as a beginner. Like a complete set of vaping components such as a battery, tank and coil - allowing for a hassle-free vaping experience. If these devices are not pre-filled you will need to purchase a matching CBD e-liquid to use with your vape kit.

Dosing CBD with Vape Products: A significant advantage of using CBD vape juice is that you can easily monitor the amount of CBD you consume. A quality liquid should have the concentration of CBD per millilitre written on the label. If you are new to either CBD or vaping remember to start with a low amount of CBD and slowly and gradually adjust your dose from there. Always monitor your body's reaction and keep in mind that more isn't always better. The ideal daily dose of CBD varies from person to person - don't hesitate to experiment carefully in order to find the optimal level for you.


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Benefits of Vaping CBD

The benefit of vaping CBD users certainly report most often is promoting relaxation and reducing stress [2]. By using CBD vape oil you may experience a sense of calm. This might help you unwind after a long day and find tranquility before going to bed. Vaping is also a more efficient way to deliver CBD into your system compared to other methods (such as ingesting it orally) and you will feel the effects faster - which makes dosing it easier [3].

Studies indicate that CBD vape oil may also provide some relief for those experiencing discomfort or pain [4]. However it is important to keep in mind that research in this direction is in its infancy. CBD is not a medicine and should never be taken as a replacement for such. If you want to address any health conditions with vaping CBD e liquid - speak to your healthcare professional first and make sure it won't interfere with you treatment. 

For those seeking to quit smoking vaping CBD oil might be a promising tool. It has been reported that CBD may help curb cravings [5] for nicotine - making the process of quitting a bit easier [6]

In conclusion: when selecting a cannabis CBD e-liquid in the UK or EU it's essential to consider a variety of factors. The quality of the ingredients, the flavour options and the compliance with local regulations should come first. And remember that vaping CBD e-liquids should be a pleasurable and relaxing experience. It's worth investing in a premium product like those offered by Harmony to enjoy the best possible results.


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