CBD E Liquid Effects: What Should You Expect When You Vape It?

CBD (short for cannabidiol) has gotten significant attention in recent years due to its reported effects. CBD e-liquids are a popular way to consume CBD for many smokers or vapers. These liquids - specifically designed for use in vaporisers or e-cigarettes - let you access the benefits of CBD in a convenient and enjoyable way.

Many users report a sense of relaxation and improved sleep after vaping CBD-infused e-liquids [1]. Due to CBD's anxiolytic properties it might contribute to stress reduction. A potential byproduct of this is an enhancement of focus and mental clarity during the day. Vaping CBD could also be a great opportunity for nicotine vapers to consume less of this addictive substance by making a switch to a pure CBD product. 

Key Takeaways

  • CBD e-liquids offer a smoke-free way to enjoy CBD
  • People that vape CBD report improved relaxation and sleep
  • Vaping CBD oil could be a great alternative to nicotine 

What Is CBD E-Liquid

CBD e-liquid (also known as CBD vape juice or CBD vape oil) is a liquid based on propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG) infused with cannabidiol (CBD) extracted from cannabis or hemp plants. It is a popular alternative to traditional nicotine-based e-liquids and allows you to take CBD through a quick and efficient method of consumption - vaping. 

If you are looking to buy the best CBD e-liquid it is important to check reputable brands - like Harmony - that provide high-quality and transparent products. We offer a wide range of CBD-infused e-liquids in many flavours and concentrations along with their certificates of analysis. Our products adhere to strict UK and EU regulations ensuring safety, compliance and efficiency.

CBD e-liquids come in different dosages (concentrations of CBD). The Harmony range has CBD vape liquid from 30mg to 600mg CBD per bottle. A lower amount of CBD is perfect for anyone new to CBD or vaping while large doses of CBD will have a more potent effect and are best for more experienced vapers. It is important to remember that the effects of vaping CBD may vary from person to person due to differences in tolerance and individual body chemistry. While CBD has been shown to aid in providing relief from common ailments like stress, anxiety and chronic pain - it's crucial not to consider e-liquids a medicine.  


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CBD E-Liquid Effects Overview

CBD e-liquids have gained popularity due to their potential benefits and lack of psychotropic (intoxicating) effects [2]. However it's essential to keep your expectations realistic and recognize that despite its effects and benefits CBD should not be used as a replacement for medical treatments. If you are planning to address any health conditions with CBD, please speak to your doctor beforehand - especially if you are already taking prescription medication.

That being said, let's dive into the positive effects of CBD. Studies have shown that CBD:

  • Has calming and soothing properties. Many users report a sense of relaxation after vaping CBD-infused e-liquids [1].
  • Contributes to stress reduction. This may be due to CBD's potential anxiolytic properties [3].
  • Can help you sleep better. Research suggests that CBD is as effective as Melatonin in small doses [4].
  • Might have an analgesic effect. It seems like CBD would help with chronic pain [5].
  • Helps with exercise recovery. Especially after strength training [6].
  • Could help you stop smoking. It seems like CBD can help curb cigarette and other cravings [7].

Although many users report positive experiences - please remember that individual results may vary! It is important to start with lower concentrations and be mindful of your body's reactions when you use CBD for the first time. 


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How Does Vaping CBD Make You Feel

When you try vaping CBD you might notice a quicker onset of effects compared to other forms of consuming CBD (like CBD tincture or a CBD edible). Many users report an almost instant sense of relaxation and calmness. This is due to the method of inhalation which allows the CBD to quickly enter the bloodstream by not going through the stomach. It's the most effective way to take CBD with the highest bioavailability [8]. Contrary to THC - another cannabinoid found in cannabis with psychoactive effects - CBD won't make you feel high. 


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Types and Ingredients of CBD E-Liquids

You'll find various types and ingredients in vape pens and CBD vaping products on the market. At Harmony we offer both e-liquids made with CBD isolate as well as cartridges filled with full-spectrum CBD.

CBD Isolate is the purest form of CBD available. It contains absolutely no other cannabinoids or compounds found in the cannabis plant. This makes it ideal if you are looking for a way to feel the effects of CBD on its own without the presence of any other substances. It’s also best for those who are sensitive to THC or undergo regular strict drug testing. Our liquid range in 10ml bottles is produced using CBD isolate.

Full-spectrum CBD contains all of the naturally occurring cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids found in the cannabis plant. This includes low trace levels of THC. Full-spectrum CBD offers an "entourage effect" where all the compounds work together to provide a more potent and beneficial experience [9]. While high levels of THC are intoxicating the quantity in full spectrum extracts derived from the hemp plant is not enough to make you feel high.  Some of the best CBD products contain full spectrum - like our Harmony FLOW vape.

In addition to CBD e-liquids usually consist of a base mixture of vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG). The combination of VG and PG creates an ideal base for CBD e-liquids that can be used in nearly any vaping device as it helps produce satisfying clouds of vapour while delivering the CBD effectively.

You can see that there are various kinds of quality CBD e-liquids with different types of CBD catering to different preferences. Whether you opt for CBD isolate or full-spectrum CBD - with a proper balance of VG and PG along with some nice flavouring you'll be able to enjoy the benefits of vaping CBD. 


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