CBD Oil Benefits for Skin: How to Get Them?

Cannabidiol (CBD) oil is definitely having a moment. The natural ingredient from the cannabis plant (or hemp plant) has been making waves in the beauty and skincare industries thanks to its amazing benefits. More and more people are exploring ways to integrate CBD into their daily routines - and skincare is not an exception! And for good reasons: CBD oil is known to have powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Both of which could be beneficial for various skin types and conditions - ultimately promoting overall balance and skin health.

But before you start to slather your skin in CBD oil - make sure it's one specifically made to be used on skin! At Harmony we offer quality CBD products specifically formulated for your skincare needs. All of our topical products contain not only CBD but also the finest hemp seed oil and many other 100% natural ingredients to achieve glowing, healthy and balanced skin. By incorporating CBD-rich skincare into your routine you may see improvements in your skin texture. Research suggests it might even be helpful when dealing with skin conditions such as acne, eczema, or psoriasis.

Key Takeaways

  • CBD oil has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties
  • You should use CBD oil specifically formulated for skin in your routine
  • CBD oil in your skincare can help to achieve balanced skin

Benefits of CBD on Skin

A skincare routine incorporating CBD holds numerous potential benefits - especially for those with skin conditions or concerns. CBD is not to be confused with THC (the psychoactive component found in the cannabis plant) and it is a recognized skincare ingredient completely legal in the UK and EU! Don't worry - CBD won't get you "high".

Instead consumers love CBD oil for its potential anti-inflammatory properties. These can help soothe and calm the skin. Meaning that for those with inflammatory skin conditions like eczema or psoriasis using CBD-infused products could provide relief by reducing inflammation and redness. A study has shown the endocannabinoid system's role in the skin [1] - suggesting that CBD may help alleviate these skin disorders!

In addition to these anti. inflammatory benefits CBD oil may also help regulate oil (aka "sebum") production in the skin. This is particularly interesting for people who suffer from acne, blackheads or simply oily or combination skin. A study has shown that by regulating and balancing the skin's own oil production and providing a calming effect CBD might contribute to a clearer complexion [2].

When picking out CBD skincare products for your routine it's essential to select high-quality items made from and with natural ingredients. Harmony CBD skincare is designed to help nurture and nourish your skin. We offer various topicals such as creams, facial oils and even balms. To maximise their benefits just follow the recommended usage instructions and reach out to us if you have any doubts. 


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CBD Skincare Benefits: There's more

One of the most well-known benefits of CBD oil for skin is the one we already discussed: its potential anti-inflammatory effect! It is what makes CBD particularly beneficial for those with sensitive skin or people suffering from conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, or dermatitis [3]. But there are also other benefits worth mentioning.

For example: CBD is known for its powerful antioxidant properties which can help protect skin from environmental stressors and pollution [4] - helping to reduce the signs of ageing. Furthermore, a Cannabis sativa extract containing CBD was shown to significantly contribute to wound healing [5]

The many products available make it easy to incorporate CBD oil and cream into your skincare routine allowing you to reap the benefits. Just remember (especially if you have sensitive skin) to do a patch test on a small area of your skin before applying any new product to your entire face or body. Give it some time to see which CBD-infused products work best for your skin type.


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CBD Skin Benefits: Your Skincare Routine

CBD can make an excellent addition to your routine as it contributes to a healthy skin barrier helping you to maintain healthy skin. Specially formulated creams, lotions and balms with CBD offer various benefits like hydration, soothing effects and reducing the appearance of imperfections.

To keep your skin looking fresh and radiant consider using a daily moisturizer with CBD. Particularly for those in the UK and EU who face harsh weather conditions with cold winters and hot summers CBD can provide much-needed nourishment and moisture to the skin.

To provide relief for irritated skin try using a CBD facial oil. The topical application of a concentrated and specially formulated CBD oil directly to the skin can help to calm it significantly. This might be especially helpful for people experiencing skin conditions as CBD may alleviate some of the discomfort associated with these issues.

You see: using topical CBD can improve the overall appearance of your skin. With its proven anti-inflammatory properties CBD may reduce the appearance of blemishes and redness - giving your skin a more even complexion. By including CBD oil in your skincare routine you're allowing your skin to reap the benefits of its versatile properties.


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Best Products for CBD Skin Care

Nowadays when it comes to CBD beauty products you'll find a wide range of options. There is a selection of CBD moisturizers, creams, and balms. One of your top choices for effective CBD skin care includes the Harmony range. All of our products combine the potential benefits of CBD oil with a range of other effective natural ingredients to create gentle and nourishing formulas.

To find the best CBD skin care product always consider your specific needs and preferences. If you're looking - for example - for a lightweight, fast-absorbing CBD beauty product a light CBD moisturizer could be an excellent choice. Our Glowshield illuminating face cream contains a high concentration of active ingredients helping to protect your skin and improve any uneven texture.

Or if you prefer deeper hydration and a more luxurious feel - a CBD facial oil might be the right option. Our fantastic Serumony facial oil provides long-lasting moisture without feeling heavy or greasy along with potential soothing effects. It is particularly beneficial for those with dry skin or skin that feels irritated and uncomfortable. You can even mix a drop into your usual moisturizer to give it a nice CBD boost!

We also have CBD balms available. Our Calmbalm is thicker than creams and can provide targeted relief to specific areas such as cracked heels or dry, chapped lips. Plus it smells amazing!

Remember to always choose high-quality EU- and UK-regulated CBD products to ensure you're getting the best possible experience for your skin! All of our products are tried, tested and registered to ensure your comfort and safety. You can even access our certificates of analysis on our website for ultimate transparency.

So why wait? CBD skin care products offer a range of potential benefits for your skin from hydration to soothing effects. Whether you opt for a CBD moisturizer, cream, or balm - there are many options available for everyone to find their favourite product. Give it a try and discover what works best for your unique skin type and needs.


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