CBD Cream for Psoriasis: Can It Offer Relief?

Psoriasis is a common skin condition that results in red, itchy and scaly patches. While living with psoriasis can be challenging - fortunately, there are treatments available to help manage the symptoms. One additional natural option that is emerging is CBD cream for psoriasis. It has become increasingly popular due to its potential benefits.

CBD (short for cannabidiol) is a compound found in cannabis or hemp plants and has been studied increasingly in recent years for its potential therapeutic effects [1]. In the context of psoriasis, CBD creams may help to soothe inflammation, reduce redness and alleviate discomfort. This is thanks to their proven anti-inflammatory properties [2]. Furthermore, the known calming properties of cannabidiol may also be beneficial for people with psoriasis who experience anxiety or stress as a result of their condition [3].

By applying a cream to affected areas regularly, you may notice improvements in your skin's appearance and experience relief from itching and discomfort. As with any new treatment or addition to your skincare routine, if you suffer from a skin condition, it is essential to consult with a medical professional before getting started.


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CBD Psoriasis Cream: How It Works

CBD cream for psoriasis is a topical treatment intended to soothe and manage psoriasis symptoms. Psoriasis is an autoimmune skin condition, characterised by red, scaly patches and itching and people with psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis often seek alternative remedies to ease their discomfort during flare-ups.

CBD has gained attention for its potential benefits in various health conditions, among them skin disorders. Research indicates that the the skin has its own endocannabinoid system (ECS) which plays a relevant role in maintaining healthy skin and possibly managing skin disorders [4]. The logical conclusion is that one of the best ways to use CBD for psoriasis relief is through topical treatments - such as creams, lotions and balms. Applying a CBD cream for psoriasis directly on affected areas can target the inflammation and discomfort more effectively than oral CBD. Moreover: topical CBD gets absorbed by the skin and interacts with local ECS receptors [5]. So it modulates skin health and homeostasis without entering the bloodstream and causing systemic (whole-body) effects. A full-spectrum CBD cream may offer more benefits than CBD alone, as it includes other cannabinoids like THC that can work together and enhance their overall effects (this is the so-called "entourage effect") [6].

So while more research is necessary, some studies suggest that cannabinoids can be beneficial in treating dermatological conditions, including psoriasis. While this is promising, it's still essential to consult a healthcare professional before incorporating CBD products into your skincare routine, and to keep in mind that different individuals may experience varying degrees of relief. It's important not to make medical claims or expect miraculous outcomes.


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Psoriasis CBD Cream: How to Use It

CBD cream has emerged as a potential remedy to help alleviate symptoms of psoriasis. Researchers started to look into this and give reason to believe that phytocannabinoids have properties to treat skin conditions like psoriasis [7]. CBD may help regulate the proliferation of so-called keratinocytes (the primary cell type in the skin implicated in psoriasis development) [8]. Although the safety and effectiveness of CBD for psoriasis are still being researched, anecdotal evidence supports the potential benefits of CBD for alleviating psoriasis symptoms.

To use a CBD cream for psoriasis, first, choose a product specifically designed for this purpose. CBD products for psoriasis can contain broad-spectrum CBD oil or full-spectrum CBD, but also CBD isolate. No matter which type, when selecting a cream, pay attention to the amount of CBD in the product! The National Psoriasis Foundation recommends starting with a low dose - around 5-10 mg of CBD per application - and adjust from there as needed. Consult your doctor before starting, as they can guide you on the appropriate and safe dosage tailored to your needs.

To apply the cream, clean the affected area thoroughly. Then, gently massage a small amount of the cream into the skin. Remember to follow the product's recommended application frequency. Monitor your symptoms and adjust the amount of CBD or application frequency accordingly. If you want to try CBD to help with psoriasis, it's essential to do a patch-test on a small area first to monitor your skin's reaction. Some individuals may experience sensitivity or allergies. 


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Best CBD Cream for Psoriasis

For those new to CBD looking to buy the best CBD cream for psoriasis in the UK, reviews can be a valuable source of information. You can find a wide range of CBD wellness and skincare options available for sale online - so make sure to ceck reliable and reputable sources to ensure the product you choose meets the highest quality standards.

It's absolutely crucial to remember that CBD cream is not a cure for psoriasis! It is an alternative treatment option you can try that may help manage symptoms and improve the quality of your daily life. Always consult with a medical professional before starting any new treatment for psoriasis, and make sure you're fully informed about CBD's possible side effects and interactions with other medications you may be taking.

If you're interested in trying a more natural approach to managing your psoriasis, CBD cream may be worth a try.


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