CBD Muscle Cream and CBD Muscle Balm: Best for Relief?

CBD is gaining popularity among athletes, fitness enthusiasts and generally anyone that deals with muscle aches and pains. A topical CBD product like a CBD lotion, muscle rub or cream uses cannabidiol (a natural compound extracted from the cannabis or hemp plant) with the aim to provide targeted relief to aching muscles and joint pain. With many users reporting soothing and anti-inflammatory properties, CBD has become a popular choice for many that are seeking an effective, natural solution for muscle pain [1]. When applied to the skin, CBD muscle cream interacts with the body's endocannabinoid system. This complex network helps to regulate various physiological processes, including pain and inflammation [2]

At Harmony, we are known for our high-quality and effective formulations. Our CBD muscle gel Skin Meditation contains natural menthol for a cooling effect and is designed to be used in a self-care massage to provide prompt relief. Our warming muscle cream Warmup contains ginger and orange essential oil to support relaxation and relief. 

Key Takeaways

  • CBD muscle creams may offer targeted relief for muscle aches and pains
  • CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system that helps to regulate physiological processes
  • Harmony provides high-quality CBD-infused products like Skin Meditation and Warmup muscle creams 


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CBD Cream for Muscle Pain Relief: What is it?

CBD muscle cream is a topical product that combines the benefits of cannabidiol (CBD) with other soothing ingredients. It is designed to help alleviate muscle aches and pains, often in combination with a self-massage. This and similar products are often used by athletes, fitness enthusiasts and others experiencing everyday discomfort in their muscles or joints.

There are different types of CBD that can be found in products: full-spectrum CBD, broad-spectrum CBD and CBD isolate. Full spectrum CBD contains all the compounds naturally occurring in the plant (cannabinoids - including a trace of THC - terpenes and flavonoids). This can create a synergistic effect, known as the "entourage effect", where terpenes support the properties of cannabinoids. Broad spectrum CBD also contains various compounds but the THC is completely removed. Last but not least, CBD isolate is pure CBD - containing only the cannabidiol molecule. This is what's contained in Harmony's muscle cream CBD products along with natural terpenes. 

Remember that while CBD muscle creams may offer relief, they should never be used as a substitute for professional medical advice or treatment. If you experience serious pain, chronic pain or discomfort, always talk to your doctor or a healthcare professional! Especially if you have pre-existing medical conditions.


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CBD Muscle and Joint Cream: How it Works 

CBD is known for its potential anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, making it an obvious and popular choice for muscle balms and creams [3]. Additionally, CBD products can be rich in other beneficial components such as terpenes and flavonoids. Topical CBD products, like muscle creams and balms, are designed to be applied directly to the skin. Here, they are absorbed through the skin layers, allowing the CBD to reach the targeted areas endocannabinoid system [4]. This application is a lot more localized compared to the whole-body effects that might be experienced when using a product like CBD oil, CBD gummies or CBD vape. There is a low risk of drug interactions, making it a suitable choice for many people.

Nonprescription topical CBD products are legal in the UK and EU, provided they meet the specific cosmetic product regulations. This means you can purchase and use CBD muscle creams and balms without a doctor's prescription, making them an accessible choice for a wide range of people. Nevertheless, before using any new skincare product, it's a good idea to conduct a patch test in a small area to ensure you don't have an adverse reaction (like an allergy). Apply a small amount of the cream, balm or gel to your skin and observe it 24 hours for any signs of irritation or discomfort.

Keep in mind that CBD hemp creams and balms may work differently for each person. Some may experience quick relief, while others might have to use a product consistently over an extended period before noticing an effect. Adjust your usage frequency accordingly, and always follow the product's instructions. And remember: If you have severe pain or discomfort, go see your healthcare professional!


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Relief CBD Balm: Application and Dosage

To begin, apply a small amount of the CBD cream to the affected area. The best time to do this is after a shower, when your skin is clean and the pores are opened. Massage the product gently and thoroughly into the skin until it's fully absorbed. As for the dosage, this can vary between different brands and formulations. So it's best to start with a smaller amount and gradually increase it if needed.

It's essential to keep in mind that the effects of CBD muscle creams are localised and you shouldn't expect a whole body effect. Allow the product some time to work before you assess the effects and decide whether to apply more. Factors that could impact the outcome include the product's concentration, the severity of your discomfort and your body's unique response to the CBD cream. In any case: CBD creams offer an easy, non-invasive option to address muscle discomfort.

CBD Topical and CBD Cream for Pain: Benefits 

One of the primary reasons for people to use CBD cream is its ability to potentially reduce pain [5]. The unique formulation of CBD cream aims to provide relief for muscle aches, joint discomfort and other types of pain you might experience in your daily life. By targeting specific areas of discomfort when applying it, you can experience more focused relief rather than using a whole-body approach [6]. The use of CBD in sports showed promising results in scientific studies, both for recovery after strength training [7] as well as for endurance exercises [8]

Another advantage of CBD muscle cream is its anti-inflammatory properties. The topical application of CBD directly to the skin may help reduce inflammation, which is often associated with muscle pain and stiffness [9]. As a result, you might notice improved mobility and overall wellbeing after using relief CBD creams.

Beyond sports-related pain management, topical CBD products could also provide symptomatic relief for conditions like arthritis. Some studies suggest that CBD might help reduce symptoms like joint swelling, discomfort, and stiffness for those with arthritis [10]. It's important to remember, however, that these creams should not be considered a cure for any medical condition, and you should consult with a healthcare professional before using CBD products in such cases.

Conclusion: Pick the Best CBD Muscle Balm

If you're considering a CBD product for muscle recovery - Harmony's cooling muscle relief cream Skin Meditation and soothing heat rub Warmup might be suitable options for you. Designed with care, these topically applied solutions should ensure a soothing experience for you. With their easy-to-use nature, you can simply apply these products directly onto your skin, providing relief where it is needed most.

Remember that each individual's experience and needs are unique. While CBD products like muscle cream might work well for some, they may not provide the same results for everyone. By experimenting with different CBD forms such as topicals, lotions, and capsules you can find the perfect fit for your personal preferences and requirements.


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