CBD for Sex: Exploring the Benefits for Sex Life and Libido

Are you curious about natural aphrodisiacs to increase arousal and boost libido? From ginger to ginseng to cacao - there are many well-known options. But have you ever considered CBD oil, CBD gummies or even more exotic products like CBD lube as a potential addition to the list?

This article will explore the question of whether CBD - a non-psychotropic cannabinoid from the cannabis plant - can be considered an aphrodisiac. While some may remain sceptical, there is growing interest in the potential benefits of CBD oil for sexual health and wellness. Keep reading to learn more.

CBD Products and Libido

While no specific study has examined the aphrodisiac effect or potential of CBD oil in particular, it is interesting to note that there is anecdotal evidence from CBD consumers who have reported that CBD may increase their libido or improve their sex life. A survey among former elite athletes, now suffering from chronic pain, that was published in 2023 revealed that 100% of the subjects interviewed were able to accomplish more tasks related to their family and household responsibilities after taking CBD. Interestingly they also reported an improvement in their sexual function [1].

These testimonials encourage the idea that CBD may have a positive impact on our sex life - but it should still be taken with a grain of salt: the participants in this survey self-evaluated through a form, rather than being checked by doctors. They were asked to identify any changes in their ability to perform tasks in specific areas, including family or household responsibilities, leisure, social activities, professional activities, sexual function, personal care and survival activities during 6 weeks of CBD administration.

The product used in the study were CBD topicals that were applied to painful areas on the lower body. The improvement in sexual function could be attributed to another well-known effect of CBD: its potential to relieve pain - which in turn may help to respawn sex drive. 

More research is needed to determine the potential aphrodisiac effects of CBD in itself. If you are interested in trying CBD for specific issues like erectile dysfunction, blood flow issues, premature ejaculation, or in a lubricant, it is recommended that you consult with a healthcare professional first.

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Reduce Anxiety for A Better Sex Life

Stress and anxiety are common factors that can affect our sex life - they don't exactly make sex better. Emotional blocks, anxiety and even physical pain can occur before intimate moments and cause a decrease in sexual wellness and desire.

Hemp-derived CBD has been studied for its benefits in managing stress and anxiety for a long time. It interacts with the human endocannabinoid system, which allows the body to maintain its internal balance and find homeostasis. When we are stressed, this system can be affected - leading to emotional and physical blocks that can have a negative impact on our sex life!

More and more people are turning to CBD to manage their stress and anxiety. According to a recent survey, about 37% of CBD consumers use it to combat stress and 42.6% to treat the anxiety they feel [2]. Preclinical study results further underline that cannabidiol could reduce anxious behaviours and improve the body's response to stress [3].

Since stress and anxiety can cause a decrease in libido, CBD oil could be an effective natural way to help men and women feel more comfortable during sex, allowing them to better welcome the pleasure felt during these intimate moments. Consuming CBD oils could also relieve stress-related sexual problems that the body may experience before and during sex, such as premature ejaculation or erection problems. So while it's not directly addressing it, CBD could still improve your sex life!

Take CBD for Better Sleep Quality - And Better Sex Drive

Getting a good night's sleep is crucial for both your physical and mental health - and with that your sex life. The benefits of CBD on sleep quality could help you approach sexual intimacy with more confidence and excitement.

Several studies have shown that consuming CBD can have a positive effect on the quality of your sleep. One study found that consuming CBD with a minimum dosage of 25mg, taken in the evening, can improve the quality of your sleep [4]. Additionally, a survey conducted among CBD users revealed that 42.5% of them take CBD to improve their sleep or treat their insomnia [2].

Consuming CBD could be a natural solution to improve the quality of your sleep, combat fatigue and improve your emotional well-being - which could boost your sex life.

Natural Aphrodisiacs for Sexual Benefits

When it comes to sexuality and sexual desire, you may have already heard all sorts of advice and recommendations. Natural products are often praised for their aphrodisiac properties. You may have heard of ginger or Korean ginseng, but there are many other options such as "bois bandé", asparagus, certain teas, and even oysters! Some of these products are said to increase blood circulation, which could improve sensitivity and allow everyone to experience more pleasure.

Although hemp is not directly considered a natural aphrodisiac, we have seen that nonprescription CBD products could have an indirect, yet positive effect on lowered sex drive and potentially improve sexual performance.

CBD Products for Sex: Conclusion

While more research is needed to fully understand the benefits of CBD oil on sexual health and its potential as an aphrodisiac, the initial results of some studies and customer testimonials are promising. It's important to always consult with a healthcare professional before using CBD oil to address health issues that are related to, for example, sexual performance, dryness and painful sex or low sex drive to make sure there are no underlying illnesses that should be addressed first. As always, our dedicated team is here to answer any further questions you might have.

cbd for sex


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