The CBD Solution: Sleep Troubles Be Gone

Are you one of those people who toss and turn - night after night - struggling to find some restful sleep? You're far from alone! All across the globe millions are experiencing sleep problems that make drifting off and staying asleep an exhausting daily challenge. While there are many sleep aids on the market, most of them either come with hefty side effects - or lack substantial scientific backing of their usefulness. But there’s hope for a natural solution! A new study, published in February 2023, shines the light on CBD supplementation as a potential fix for sleep issues. Let’s have a more detailed look at what’s been done.

Better Sleep with CBD

The groundbreaking study involved 1,793 adult volunteers that were struggling with sleep disturbances. The findings are nothing short of fascinating! The research suggests that a low dose of CBD might offer a path to improved sleep quality comparable to that of a low dose of melatonin (a hormone commonly used in over-the-counter sleep medication). Specifically, the study found that a gentle 15 mg dose of CBD, taken daily over the course of 4 weeks, might effectively reduce sleep disturbances! All participants reported significant improvements in sleep and the safety profiles of all supplements looked good! 

cbd sleep troubles be gone

What about other Cannabinoids?

Let’s dive deeper into the study. Researchers also explored the effects of minor cannabinoids like CBN and CBC on sleep quality. Surprisingly, the results showed that low doses of these cannabinoids did not enhance the benefits of formulations containing CBD or melatonin. This discovery might raise eyebrows - considering preclinical research pointed towards a potential synergy between cannabinoids. For now though all we can say is: further studies are required to unlock the true potential of these minor cannabinoids and understand their collective impact on sleep.

CBD vs Melatonin

The most important discovery of the study is that CBD isolate performs on par with formulations containing melatonin! This makes Cannabidiol an attractive alternative for people that want to limit their melatonin intake, or wean off the hormone entirely. Nevertheless, both melatonin and CBD have favorable safety and tolerability profiles - meaning both of them are good natural alternatives to prescription sleep medication.

Study Limitations

While the results we looked at are definitely promising - it's also essential to acknowledge the study's limitations! Approximately 28% of participants dropped out before completing follow-up surveys, and we can't say for sure which of the observed effects stem from pure expectations or a placebo effect. To truly unlock and understand CBD's therapeutic potential for sleep we need further studies. Nevertheless: The body of evidence that CBD is a safe and effective natural compound to be used in sleep interventions is growing!


The new study offers precious "real-world" insights into the safety and effectiveness of CBD for sleep. It suggests that the consistent use of a low dose of CBD is safe and can significantly enhance sleep quality. CBD is rivaling the effects of 5mg melatonin - but without the grogginess. 


cbd sleep troubles be gone

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