Self-Dosing With CBD Reduces OTC Drug Use

CBD, a natural compound present in hemp extract, is becoming a staple in many households - and its consumption is on the rise. As everyone reacts differently to the compound, many people start with a small dose and adjust it upwards until they reach the desired effects. But what are the real effects of long-term, self-administered CBD usage? A compelling new study sheds light on this topic exploring how we are using CBD and its impact on health and medication usage.

Diving into the Study: A Snapshot

The study focused on adults aged 18-75 who had been using commercially available CBD products (with or without proven CBD concentrations) for over a month. These participants were then provided with concentration-verified CBD products to use for four weeks. Over the course of this time their reasons for CBD use, dosage, general health, symptoms and use of over-the-counter (OTC) and prescription (Rx) drugs were closely monitored. The study participants reported on these aspects both before and after CBD consumption.cbd oil collection

Why People Turn to CBD

The people participating in this study cited a range of reasons for using CBD - with the most common being chronic pain, mental health issues (mainly anxiety and stress), general health and wellness and sleep disorders. Other less common reasons included central nervous system and digestive health concerns. This is in line with other studies looking into the common reasons for CBD usage. 

Dosage Matters

Interestingly the study revealed that the average daily CBD dose was about 53.1 mg - a dose well within established health and safety guidelines in many countries. Some individuals were taking as little as 8 mg and others as much as 390 mg per day. 

Health Improvements and Medication Reduction

Probably the most significant finding of this study was that after taking CBD participants reported improvements in both their general health and in specific symptoms they were planning to address. This improvement led not only to an improved perceived quality of life - but also to a notable decrease in the use of over-the-counter and prescription drugs. Especially among those using CBD for chronic pain.cbd oil collection

Conclusion: A Glimpse into the Future of CBD Use

This study offers a fascinating look into not only why, but how people are using CBD - as well as its perceived benefits. While this is more proof that is making it clear that CBD is having a positive impact on many it's important to approach this subject with caution and awareness! There is still a lot to discover about CBD and - with very few exceptions - CBD wellness products like oils, vapes and balms are not medicine. So if this article encourages you to try them as part of your treatment, please speak to your doctor beforehand, especially if you are taking any prescription medication!  As CBD continues to grow in popularity, further research and regulated studies will be essential in understanding its full potential and place in modern healthcare.

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