CBD Oil Showdown: isolate vs broad spectrum

Today, we'll look into a fascinating new study that compares the two most popular types of CBD oil: Isolate and Broad Spectrum. If you've ever found yourself wondering which one is better for stress relief, keep reading and get the science-backed answer!

The CBD Buzz

CBD - aka cannabidiol - has been the wellness world's darling for a while now. Its potential benefits range from easing anxiety and depression, over facilitating sleep and recovery to alleviating chronic pain. Around 13-26% of the general public reportedly uses CBD. So it's no wonder that researchers are eager to explore its effects further. Especially as stress relief is something we all could use a bit of help with, right?

The Study: A Quick Rundown

374 participants used two THC-free CBD oils: an isolate oil (pure CBD) and a broad spectrum oil (CBD plus other cannabinoids and terpenes). Both contained 1000mg CBD per bottle (around 3.3%) and over half of the participants used between 15 and 35 mg of CBD daily. Some used a little more, but almost none of them exceeded 100 mg CBD in one day. They then reported their experiences over 30 or 60 days. The researchers were interested to know how either oil impacts stress management, overall impression and taste - and if there were any adverse effects.

Which CBD Reigns Supreme?

Both oils were effective in managing stress, but: participants found the broad spectrum oil to be slightly more effective! Despite the broad spectrum oil's higher effectiveness ratings - the isolate won the taste test. So when it came to overall impression, the isolate had a slight edge in the 30-day regimen. However, effectiveness seemed to tie with taste in the long run and both were equally popular in the 60-day plan. There were no significant differences in adverse effects or quality between the two.

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Why It Matters

We all know stress is a modern-day nemesis that is linked to a myriad of health issues. With CBD's popularity on the rise, understanding which type works best for stress relief is crucial!

The Entourage Effect

The idea of the "entourage effect" suggests that cannabinoids and terpenes can enhance each other's benefits. This study seems to support that. Broad spectrum CBD (which contains multiple cannabis compounds) outperformed the isolate in terms of effectiveness.

What's The Verdict?

If you're looking to add a splash of calm to your day this study suggests going broad spectrum might be your best bet! If taste is a big deal for you, try our Harmony broad spectrum oils! We swear they taste just as good - if not better - than isolate oils.

Closing Thoughts

As the worlds of natural supplements and everyday health continue to blend, studies like this one are important. They help us make informed choices and stay on top of our wellness game. Stay informed if you're planning to make CBD a regular in your wellness routine. We'll keep an eye out for more research in this exciting field and keep you posted!

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