Does CBD Affect Your Performance? Here’s What You Need to Know!

CBD, a natural extract from the hemp plant, continues to make waves in the world of health and wellness. Many people rave about its benefits for everything from pain management to anxiety relief. But there's one important question on many minds: Can I really take it in the morning before work, or will CBD impact my alertness, memory or reaction time? Let's dive into the latest research and find out!

The Buzz About CBD

CBD is everywhere these days, and it’s well known for its benefits. Unlike THC, the psychoactive compound in cannabis, CBD won't get you “high”. People use it to help manage anxiety, chronic pain, inflammation and even sleep disorders. Its versatility makes it appealing for a wide range of users, from athletes to elderly people seeking natural relief. But is it really not intoxication at all? 

The Study: Breaking It Down

Researchers conducted a meta-analysis, which is a fancy way of saying they looked at a bunch of studies to see if CBD affects performance in any way. They meticulously analysed data from controlled human studies. These studies involved participants who took CBD and then performed a variety of tasks designed to measure their cognitive and psychomotor abilities. These tasks included memory tests, reaction time challenges and coordination exercises. By looking at the data from different studies, the researchers were aiming to get the full picture of CBD's effects on performance. Their primary focus was on acute effects, so anything occurring within a few hours of taking CBD.

The Findings: Small But Significant

The study found that while CBD did make some participants feel more sleepy or relaxed, it didn’t significantly impact their cognitive or psychomotor performance compared to a placebo. This means that although some people felt slightly drowsy after taking their dose, their actual performance was unaffected. In simple terms: people felt more relaxed but didn't perform worse on tests. This is important information for anyone worried about CBD potentially hindering their ability to function effectively, whether at work, driving, or engaging in daily activities. 

CBD vs. THC: A Big Difference

To put things into perspective, the researchers also looked at THC. Unsurprisingly, THC was shown to significantly impact performance, making tasks much harder to complete for the participants. This included slower reaction times, impaired memory and decreased coordination - all of which can be risky in situations like driving or operating machinery. This makes CBD a more viable option for those who need relief but still want to maintain their daily responsibilities and activities.

Why This Matters

For those using CBD for medical purposes (like managing chronic pain or anxiety) these findings are reassuring, as it means you can incorporate CBD into your routine without worrying about it making you less capable at work or in daily activities. This is particularly important for all those who need to remain alert and functional. Knowing that CBD won't impair your cognitive or motor functions also allows for more flexibility in its use. Whether you're taking CBD in the morning to help with anxiety or using it at night to aid sleep, you can do so with confidence. 

Choosing the Right Product

So, how can you make the most of CBD's benefits? Here are some tips:

Start Low and Go Slow: Begin with a low dose of CBD and gradually increase until you find what works best for you.

Consistency is Key: Regular use was shown to provide better, more consistent effects.

Mind the Timing: If you experience any drowsiness, consider using it in the evening or when you don’t need to be at your peak performance - just for your own comfort.

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CBD is Here to Help

The bottom line? CBD can be a helpful addition to your wellness routine without significantly impairing your performance. Remember, everyone's body is different, so it's important to find the right product and dosage that works for you. Always consult with your doctor if you’re on other medications and reach out to us if you have any questions! We’re happy to help.

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