CBD and Krill Oil for Dog Osteoarthritis

Canine osteoarthritis is a common condition, especially in older dogs. It’s hard to watch your best friend starting to limp, getting stiffer and being in pain. When untreated, the disease can take away a big chunk of the quality of life. Typically, veterinarians prescribe painkillers that also act as antiinflammatories - but these can have side effects like gastrointestinal issues or liver and kidney problems. To alleviate our furry friends, scientists started to search for alternative and complementary treatment methods. Today, we want to dive deeper into a new study that explores the promising combination of krill oil and CBD, a natural extract from hemp, in dog arthritis treatment. And it comes in the shape of a biscuit!

Dog Osteoarthritis Study Overview

Researchers from Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok set up a double-blind, randomised controlled trial involving 30 dogs and their owners. All dogs were previously diagnosed with chronic stifle osteoarthritis - meaning the affected region was the stifle joint, which would be equivalent to the human knee. They wanted to see if CBD, which is commonly known for its pain-relieving properties, could enhance the anti-inflammatory effects seen with krill oil alone. 

CBD for Dogs: How it was done

The 30 participating dogs were randomly divided into three groups:

  • A placebo group that received plain biscuits.
  • A krill oil group that received biscuits infused with 2.5% krill oil.
  • A CBD + krill oil group that received biscuits containing both 2.5% krill oil and 2.5% CBD oil (10mg of CBD per biscuit).

The treatment lasted eight weeks in total. Every day, each dog received the appropriate amount of biscuits based on its weight - 10mg of CBD per 5kg of body weight in the CBD group. The dog's owners had to fill in a questionnaire to evaluate their impression of their dog’s pain and quality of life on a regular basis. Additionally, the researchers carried out regular physical exams, including blood tests and thermal imaging to monitor inflammation in the stifle joint.

CBD and Krill oil for Osteoarthritis: the Results

Much to the researcher’s, dog owner’s and dog’s relief, the findings were promising! Particularly for the CBD + krill oil group:

  • Both the krill oil alone and the CBD + krill oil groups showed significant improvement in pain scores, indicating a strong pain-relief effect.
  • One thing was particularly interesting: None of the groups showed differences in inflammation through thermal imaging. However, the addition of CBD to krill oil seemed to enhance pain management beyond what was possible with krill oil alone. 

The combination of CBD and krill oil did not just statistically improve pain scores! It provided a real benefit by enhancing the overall wellbeing of the dogs as reported by their owners through the questionnaires. So even without changing the actual level of inflammation, it could be an effective treatment option to give dogs back some quality of life. 

What’s Next for CBD and Dog Osteoarthritis?

This research opens the door to more natural treatment options for canine osteoarthritis. None of the dogs participating in the trial suffered from side effects from the CBD and krill oil biscuits, meaning it could be particularly suited for dogs that don’t tolerate traditional medications well. The scientists mention that further studies are needed to explore the long-term benefits and optimal dosing strategies.

Final Thoughts on CBD for Dogs

If you have a dog that suffers from osteoarthritis, the combination of CBD and krill oil might be a promising treatment option! According to this new study, it could significantly reduce pain while also being well tolerated. Before you go ahead and make your own CBD dog biscuits though, please speak to your veterinarian, especially if your dog is already undergoing treatment or taking medication. After all, research is still in its infancy and you want to make sure your buddy is well taken care of. We wish you and your dog all the best! 

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