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What Are CBD Gummies and CBD Sweets?

CBD gummies and CBD sweets are a popular and convenient - as well as probably the most fun and tastiest - way to consume cannabidiol (CBD). CBD is a naturally occurring compound found in cannabis plants and hemp plants. Contrary to THC (the psychoactive cannabinoid in marijuana) it is non-intoxicating meaning it won't get you high [1]. Actually it's quite the opposite - recently the UN Commission on Narcotic Drugs reclassified cannabis to recognize its potential therapeutic uses [2].

The tasty treats are the same as traditional gummies but they are infused with CBD. As a gummy product they provide an easy and discreet method of consumption - making them a great choice for people who want to try CBD without the strong herbal taste of CBD oils and CBD extracts. Just like other CBD edibles CBD gummies come in various flavours, shapes (CBD gummy bears) and strengths.

The effects of CBD gummies can vary from person to person and also depend on the amount of CBD that is consumed. Some users say they find relief from ailments like stress or anxiety while others improve their sleep [3]. It's essential to keep in mind that research regarding these benefits is still in its infancy and that CBD should not be considered a medical treatment unless specifically prescribed by a doctor.

Are CBD Gummies CBD Sweets
How many CBD Gummies to eat

How Many CBD Gummies Should I Eat?

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to how much CBD you should take. When you're trying edibles like gummies for the first time and wonder how many you should eat to reap the benefits of CBD it's essential to consider what effects you are looking for. The CBD dosage that is right for you can vary greatly. It is depending on factors like your weight, age and individual body chemistry - your personal tolerance to cannabinoids [4].

Generally a good starting point if you've never tried CBD is around 10mg of CBD per day (depending on your CBD gummy product you might have to cut one in half for this). This lower dosage allows you to gauge the effects and adjust accordingly. It's always better to start with a smaller amount like 10 or even 5 mg of CBD and increase slowly until you find the optimal dosage for your body. As you become more experienced with CBD you can also decide on the frequency and time of day you want to take it. Some people prefer taking their daily dose of CBD in a single gummy - while others may choose to consume 2 or 3 gummies per day at different times. Don't be afraid to experiment and find what works best for you.

What Do CBD Gummies Do? The Benefits of CBD Explained

Products like CBD oils, CBD vapes, CBD capsules and of course CDB gummies are a great way to consume CBD. This powerful and non-intoxicating cannabinoid derived from the Cannabis sativa plant has gained increasing interest as a potential treatment for various conditions and disorders. More and more scientific studies are being published pointing towards its benefits. CBD interacts with your body's endocannabinoid system - a complex network which helps to regulate various functions such as mood, stress responses and sleep. Most people are taking CBD to manage their stress and anxiety and its anxiolytic properties have been proven by science [5]. CBD might also help you sleep better [6] - with small doses being taken before bed having a similar effect to low doses of melatonin [7]. Some people even take CBD gummies to improve their sports performance [8].

CBD gummies are easy to dose as they provide a consistent amount of CBD per gummy. This is particularly helpful if you take CBD for the first time and still figuring out which CBD dosage you need. Another of the many benefits of CBD gummies is that they are easily portable and allow you to conveniently take CBD on the go. Keep in mind that studies on the effects of CBD are still ongoing and more research is needed to fully understand its potential. Although products like CBD gummies offer a range of potential benefits they are by no means medicine. If you have an underlying health condition you wish to address using CBD please speak to your healthcare provider for more advice.

Benefits of CBD Gummies
Do CBD Eibles work

CBD Gummies For Pain: Do CBD Edibles Work?

Research on CBD's effects on pain is still limited - but there are some studies suggesting that it may provide relief for certain types of pain. One of them evaluated a high CBD hemp extract for its impact on opioid use and quality of life indicators in chronic pain patients. The impressive results indicated that using CBD might contribute to a reduction in opioid reliance for those experiencing chronic pain [9]. More research is needed to establish the right dosage and efficacy of CBD in this case, but it is nevertheless a very promising starting point for many.

Many people claim to use CBD for the management of their rheumatic diseases which can cause musculoskeletal pain [10]. While users report improvements in pain, mood, and sleep it is essential to note that more clinical evidence to support CBD's effectiveness in rheumatology is needed with studies being underway [11]. Ensure that you speak to a healthcare professional if you plan on incorporating CBD gummies or using CBD products in your pain management plan. They can advise on the appropriate dosage and potential drug interactions that could lead to unwanted side effects.

Best CBD Gummies: Harmony Vegan CBD Gummies

Harmony offers some of the best high-quality CBD gummies on the market. In addition to being vegan, our CBD gummy sweets are also free from artificial colours and flavourings. Their natural ingredients ensure that you're not only getting your CBD fix but also enjoying a healthier treat.
Our delicious range of CBD gummies is made using premium ingredients and carefully tested for consistency by third-party laboratories. This ensures not only that our gummies work as they should - but also that you get your money's worth. And the best point: If your order is over £30 in value you can enjoy free UK delivery! And if you're located in the EU, orders over €50 will be delivered free of charge.

Last but not least: our CBD gummies contain high-quality CBD and are vegan-friendly - ensuring that everyone can benefit from them.

Vegan CBD Gummies
CBD Gummies 100% legal in UK

CBD Gummies UK: Is It Legal?

CBD gummies taste delicious and are a popular option for those looking to enjoy the benefits of CBD in a convenient way. But is it legal to buy and consume CBD gummies in the UK? The short answer is yes! CBD gummies are legal in the UK as long as they are containing less than 0.2% THC. In addition to this the FSA currently recommends to not exceed a daily dose of 70mg of CBD per day to avoid adverse health effects [12].

The situation in the EU is similar: The European Court of Justice ruled that CBD is not considered a narcotic and can be freely marketed in the EU [13]. CBD products should be made from industrial hemp and not contain more than 0.3% THC. Be aware however that local regulations can be a bit stricter. Always double-check with the local authorities and buy from reputable brands.

Strongest CBD Gummies: Are They Better?

When it comes to CBD gummies you might be tempted to think that the strongest options are always the best choice. But remember: stronger is not always better! A higher concentration of CBD doesn't automatically guarantee success. This is because everyone's body and with that tolerance to cannabinoids is different. Some people might find more relief with lower concentrations of CBD - others might need a higher dosage. Having a flexible approach and being willing to experiment a bit is key towards understanding your body's needs.

Another factor worth considering is the type of CBD used in the product. There are CBD isolate gummies, broad-spectrum CBD gummies and full-spectrum ones. Each type has its own benefits. Full-spectrum CBD contains the entire set of cannabinoids (including a trace of THC), terpenes and flavonoids naturally found in the hemp plant. Broad spectrum CBD oil gummies are similar but with all traces of THC removed. Last but not least CBD isolate gummies only include cannabidiol and no other cannabinoids.

Whatever type of gummy you choose - especially if you're new to CBD it's best to begin with a lower strength and gradually increase it before you take too much CBD. Observe how your body reacts. This will allow you to determine the most effective dosage.

Strongest CBD Gummies
How to store CBD Gummies

CBD Gummy: How to Store

When it comes to storing your CBD gummies the most important advice is to keep them away from excessive heat, light or moisture. That way you can ensure fresh tasting CBD gummies that remain effective for a longer period. Store them in a cool, dry place - preferably an airtight container like the one they are sold in. Make sure that the storage area is out of direct sunlight to prevent degradation of the CBD content and the gummies melting together. This will also help them to retain their taste and texture. Last but not least be mindful of the expiry date on your CBD gummies package. Even if their taste won't be impacted when stored properly - CBD gummies may eventually lose their potency over time. So after you purchase CBD make sure that you are using the gummies within a reasonable amount of time after opening within their recommended shelf life.

Lab Testing buy cbd e-liquid

Harmony Quality CBD

At Harmony we pride ourselves with the quality and effectiveness of our CBD products. Our clients are our top priority and we want to ensure that you receive a product that you can trust. For this reason we place a strong emphasis on transparency. We conduct the most thorough lab-testing and quality control for all of our ingredients and finished goods. The potency of our products is tested and certified so that you can enjoy your CBD with the confidence of knowing exactly what you're getting when you buy from us. We provide access to the certificates of analysis (COAs) on our website as ongoing part of our commitment to transparency. So you can easily verify the quality and potency of our CBD gummies!

Harmony Production

We fully understand that when buying CBD products it's essential for you to have a clear understanding of the origin and production methods of the ingredients used. At Harmony we take great care to ensure that our CBD isolate and other ingredients are of the highest quality - and responsibly sourced! Our CBD comes from hemp grown in Switzerland while all other ingredients are obtained from reputable suppliers in the UK and EU. Our isolate products are manufactured in a clean room environment in Germany that adheres to strict Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) guidelines and is ISO-certified ensuring the utmost safety and quality. We are committed to sustainability and aim to minimize our impact on the environment by selecting fully recyclable packaging options that are located near our manufacturing facilities whenever possible. By keeping our supply chains short and operating mainly within Europe we ensure fair working conditions and low emissions.

Ingredient Sourcing and Production CBD Isolate
Harmony Story buy cbd e-liquid

The Harmony Story

Antonin Cohen has been a prominent figure in the hemp industry for more than ten years and established the first hemp science association in France in 2009. In 2014 he introduced Kanavape - the first CBD product in Europe - with a clear goal in mind: to make the benefits of this potent plant accessible to everyone. Since then Harmony has been at the forefront of the CBD industry. Always committed to the wellbeing of its customers while making significant contributions to its sustainability. In 2020 a significant legal victory was achieved when the European Court of Justice declared CBD to be non-narcotic: reflecting Harmony's mission to help people feel better and become the best version of themselves. Nowadays - with a passion for hemp science and a commitment to quality and transparency - Harmony continues to lead the way in the CBD industry.

The Harmony Team

At Harmony we are a close-knit team of passionate experts in all things hemp and natural products. We use our combined passion and commitment to excellence to create award-winning natural products at fair prices.

Antonin Cohen is our CEO with over 15 years of experience in building international companies. He has a strong focus on product development and operations.

Dr. Anna Falk is our Head of Product with over 12 years of experience in research and development within the natural products industry. She has a particular focus on cosmetics and supplements.

Julien Magnenet is our Head of Operations with over 13 years of experience operating in various sectors. His experience includes cosmetics and consumer medical products.

Harmony Team cbd e-liquid

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