Relax Gummies combine a blend of natural calming ingredients with a delicious tropical mango flavour. Made with hemp (10mg CBD+CBG / gummy), lavender, and lemon balm to help manage stress, reduce fatigue caused by anxiety, and promote emotional balance. We recommend 2 gummies per day. Each bottle contains 60 gummies, providing a 30-day supply. Our gummies are vegan-friendly and lab-tested for optimal quality and effectiveness.

Relax Gummie Help Manage StressHelp
Relax Gummies Reduce Fatigue from AnxietyReduce
Fatigue from
Relax Gummies Promote Emotional BalancePromote

Delicious & Effective
relaxing gummies

  • Relax Gummy Proprietary Custom Formula

    Proprietary custom formula

    Custom formulas designed specifically to relax your mind and body.

  • Relax Gummies No Grogginess

    No grogginess

    Feel calm and relaxed without being sleepy.

  • Better Days, Better Nights Gummies

    Better days, better nights

    Wake up more refreshed and restored.

Manage stress Reduce fatigue Emotional balance

One Gummy, 3 powerful ingredients




US vs Other Brands

We are committed to quality and relaxation

  • Help manage stress
  • Reduce fatigue from anxiety
  • Promote emotional balance
  • Wake up refreshed
  • Plant based
Harmony Relax Gummies vs Other Brands CBD Gummies

More Relaxed
or your Money Back!

Relax Gummies Money Back Guarentee

Try Relax Gummies, risk-free for 30 days.
More relaxed, or your money back. We're on a mission to help you relax, genuinely.

Hamony Relax Gummies

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