The Harmony FLOW vape battery is the ultimate combination of style and functionality. Crafted for Harmony by the industry leader CCELL, this sleek and rechargeable device delivers smooth, consistent and safe performance every time you puff. This product must be used with the  FLOW Cartridges. Purchase the battery along with a FLOW cartridge in our  FLOW Starter Kit!

Find your FLOW with Harmony

With the Harmony FLOW’s sleek and intuitive design, you'll effortlessly slip into the rhythm of vaping. Enjoy the perfect harmony of style and performance and discover your ultimate vaping experience with Harmony FLOW.

How to use Harmony FLOW

How to Harmony FLOW Step 1

Screw the cartridge onto the battery

How to Harmony FLOW Step 2

Draw breath through the mouthpiece

How to Harmony FLOW Step 3

The tip of the FLOW Battery glows: this indicates your pen has enough charge to vaporize

Advantages to Harmony FLOW Battery - 100% Pure Full-Spectrum, Reliable, Entourage Effect, CCELL Hardware, Effortless, Functional, Rechargeable

Discover the Harmony FLOW Range

Natural CBD Hemp Production

Natural Hemp Production

Discover the joy of a premium CBD experience crafted from ethically-sourced hemp, lovingly cultivated by dependable farmers we're proud to call our partners. We cherish our strong relationships with each supplier, allowing us to confidently ensure their unwavering dedication to growing hemp without pesticides or any harmful substances. This way, you can enjoy the purest and highest-quality CBD, while feeling good about supporting responsible farming practices. Embrace the benefits of our exceptional CBD products, as you contribute to a greener, more sustainable world.

Choose CBD You Can Trust

We take the quality of our products seriously. To ensure their efficacy, we subject all raw materials to rigorous testing and analyse select batches of finished products for potency. We believe in transparency and have included a QR code on each package that links to our Certificate of Analysis database. This empowers you to verify the results for yourself, providing complete peace of mind when using our products. We are committed to delivering as much information as possible about the origins and provenance of our CBD, making it our duty to serve you with the highest level of satisfaction.

Click here to access our Certificate of Analysis database

CBD you can trust
FLOW Production

Responsible Manufacturing

At Harmony, we are committed to sustainability and reducing our environmental impact. That's why we've taken great care to design the packaging of our products with the planet in mind. Our Harmony FLOW products come in packaging made from unbleached kraft paper without any plastic coatings, making it highly recyclable and minimizing waste by eliminating unnecessary plastic and aluminium. Our boxes are produced and printed in Europe by trusted manufacturers, and the product is packed in Germany, keeping supply chains short and reducing transport and emissions.


This product must not be used by non-smokers, non-vapers, minors, pregnant or breastfeeding individuals. Keep out of reach of children and pets. Do not vape if the cartridge is empty or the coil is not covered in liquid. Taking too big drags may lead to overheating and flavour reduction. Do not expose to water or extreme temperatures.

frequently asked question

What are the ingredients?

Full spectrum hemp extract, Terpenes

What is your return policy?

We offer a 30-day 'relax more or your money back' guarantee. To qualify, you must try the product for at least one month. Keep in mind, relaxation builds over time with consistent use of our natural products.

Is there an age requirement?

Yes, our products are intended for adults over the age of 18.

Can I take this product while pregnant?

No. We do not recommend taking our products if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

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