What Happens When CBD Meets Caffeine? A New Study Sheds Light

Imagine mixing your morning coffee with a dash of your favourite CBD oil. It sounds tempting - but what exactly happens when these two potent and popular substances combine? Will it have unwanted side effects? A recent study with the title "A Preliminary Investigation of the Simultaneous Effects of Cannabidiol and Caffeine" takes a deep dive into this very question. To save you a long and complicated read, we summed up the results for you!

The Study: A Quick Overview

The research focused on young adults who regularly enjoy some caffeine. Participants were given 200 mg of caffeine (about the amount in a strong cup of coffee, but as a pill) along with varying doses of CBD. They then reported their experiences to the scientists in charge over a 140-minute session conducted via Zoom. The researchers were of course particularly interested in how this combination affected the general effects of both substances - as well as anxiety levels.


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The Big Question: Any Side Effects?

Now for one of the key takeaways: No significant negative effects were reported when caffeine was combined with CBD! This finding is super important because it tells us that enjoying your caffeine with a bit of CBD might not be harmful.

Why This Matters

Caffeine is a staple in many of our lives with a vast majority of adults - probably such as yourself - consuming it daily. Now, CBD's popularity is also on the rise and it is often praised for its potential health benefits. To set yourself up for a good day ahead it might be a tempting idea to combine the two in the morning. This is why understanding how they interact is important - CBD-infused coffees and teas are becoming more common.

Previous Research: What We Already Knew

Before this study there was surprisingly not much research on the interaction between CBD and caffeine in humans. Some studies suggested that CBD could increase caffeine's concentration in the blood, potentially leading to even increased anxiety or stress (exactly the opposite of what you would hope for when taking this compound). However, these studies often used much higher CBD doses than what you'd find in commercial products - meaning they don’t really apply to real-life situations.

This Study's Findings: A Closer Look

The study's results showed us that the combination of CBD and caffeine, in real-life doses from products you can find in your retail store, did not influence the effects of caffeine itself. Most importantly, the participants didn't report any increased anxiety or other negative feelings like in previous studies. Interestingly, when researchers hiked up the dose to 160 mg CBD along with caffeine, they even found some additional positive effects, like reducing pain or increasing enjoyment. However, this dose is already above the commonly recommended daily intake level for CBD and it is not recommended to consume it on a regular basis without speaking to a doctor first.

The Caveats: What to Keep in Mind

Despite these promising findings, it's important to remember that this study was just a first test to get a glimpse into the effects of combining CBD and caffeine. It had a small number of participants and focused on young adults who regularly consume caffeine. Future research with more diverse groups and different doses is needed to get a full understanding of the effects of mixing CBD and caffeine.

The Bottom Line: What Does This Mean for You?

If you're considering adding CBD to your morning coffee routine, this study certainly offers some reassurance that it should be safe to do so. Just try to stay within the daily recommended amounts. However, everyone's body is different. So if you experience any negative side effects or are already taking any other medication, it would be a good idea to consult with a healthcare professional.

The worlds of natural supplements and traditional beverages continue to merge and give rise to more and more functional drinks. Studies like the one we just discussed are of utmost importance in ensuring we stay safe and informed. Stay tuned for more research in this fascinating area, we’ll keep you up to date!

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