Myrcene: Discover What Makes You Love The Mango Kush

The new Mango Kush flavour finishes the trio for the delicious Harmony CBD e-liquids containing terpenes from the original cannabis strains. We brought you OG KushSuper Lemon Haze, and now it’s time to try Mango Kush! It tastes primarily like mango, but you can taste and smell tropical hints of banana and pineapple. This unique sweet and musky flavour is based on the myrcene terpene, which is also present in mangoes.

Myrcene is the most abundant terpene in cannabis. In some strains such as Mango Kush, there is more than 50 % myrcene present. That’s not all, myrcene is a building block for other terpenes and the amount present will influence if the strain becomes an indica (>0.5% myrcene) or a sativa (<0.5%). The most abundant strains containing myrcene besides Mango Kush, are Jack Herer, Warlock CBD, and Pink Kush.

Myrcene helps other cannabinoids and terpenes pass through the cell membranes, allowing them to reach receptors all over the body. Terpenes interact with cannabinoids creating a different effect than if one cannabinoid or terpene acting alone. This is known as the “entourage effect”.

Cannabis is not the only plant or herb where you can find myrcene, it’s present in basil, lemon grass, and menthol too. Chances are, if you love beer, you would have tried myrcene as it is the key contributor to the “green hop aroma”, which is commonly found in dry-hopped beers.  So guys, there you have it, try this tropical CBD treat to complete the ultimate cannabis-flavoured CBD e-liquid range!