CBD Oil, Senior Horses and Arthritis

We picture horses as active, energetic animals - roaming freely over grassy fields, trotting, galloping and jumping. But just as any other living being, horses age. Their golden years are often filled with challenges, like joint discomfort from osteoarthritis. Of course, we want to help these majestic creatures feel better. Thankfully, recent research has shown us a potential solution that is derived from hemp and 100% natural: CBD oil!

CBD for Horses: The Study

In a first-of-its-kind move, researchers took on the challenge of exploring CBD oil's effect on older horses suffering from arthritis. They divided 20 horses into two groups: one received the usual pain management treatment. The other got a little extra – a daily dose of CBD oil along with their regular meds! Over the course of two weeks, these horses were closely monitored for any changes to their symptoms. Of course, all in the hope they would feel more comfortable with their condition.

The Changes

You might already guess where this is going - the horses receiving CBD oil showed measurable signs of genuine relief! Their heart rates slowed and their breathing became more relaxed. Even clinically, the researchers could show that their blood tests indicated less inflammation. All of these are signs that the horses were feeling better. And beyond the numbers, they also seemed more at ease, moving with a bit more of their old grace. This is suggesting that CBD oil was making a real difference in their quality of life.

The Hope

This isn't just about the 20 animals in this study or the numbers on a chart; it's about what this research represents. Helping arthritic horses is another feather in the cap of CBD, a multi-faceted compound with a large number of proven benefits that keeps growing. Investigations like this spark hope and point towards a future where CBD oil could be part of arthritis and pain management for animals and humans alike - enabling all of us to live a happier, more comfortable life as we age. 

The Future

Science has made a good step towards a future where our four-legged friends can enjoy their golden years with less pain and more joy - thanks to a holistic approach that blends traditional treatments with CBD oil. Of course, more research is needed to fully understand the effects of CBD on arthritis in horses and optimise the doses and timing of this regime. 

So if you are caring for an ageing horse, please speak with your trusted veterinarian to help you weigh the benefits of adding CBD to its routine. We will surely keep you informed if any more research pops up!

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