Today we’ll take a look at another protagonist of the cannabis plant: cannabis terpenoids, commonly called terpenes.

Inside the fascinating world of terpenes

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Terpenes give each cannabis plant a unique taste and smell

Terpenes are not only present in cannabis: they can also be found in thousands of fruits, vegetables and spices.

They’re oily, volatile molecules that evaporate easily, announcing themselves first through the nose and palate.

Two hundred of them can be found in cannabis, with various properties.

Some examples: limonene (also found in citrus), myrcene (found in mango, lemongrass), beta-caryophyllene (found in black pepper), linalool (lavender)…

The amazing part: interaction with cannabinoids

Research has recently shown terpenes actually interact with cannabinoids: they are able to enhance, trigger and even block some of the effects produced by THC and CBD

This interaction and its effects have been detailed by Dr. Ethan Russo, in a 2011 article published in the British Journal of Pharmacology. He demonstrated the synergy between the various compounds, and called it the “entourage effect”.

Cannabis terpene

  • Each cannabis strain produces terpenes at different levels, and this unique combination gives each one a distinct taste and smell
  • The “entourage effect”: Terpenes also interact with cannabinoids and other compounds of the plants: their very presence can affect the way you will react to a certain strain
  • Terpenes are fragile: preserving them requires delicate extraction and handling of the cannabis plant, and not every cannabis-based products contain them. We love working with terpenes and spend time and research on making the best out of their potential. We try, test and taste our products every day to get the right balance of terpenes in our e-liquids, bringing you the best of cannabis, one fantastic compound at a time.
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