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Where the best of two worlds collide: top products from top producers in the industry, now offering the best introductory kit for those curious about CBD and vaping.


CBD Vape Pen Kit: Hemp flavour

If you are a newcomer to the fantastic world of CBD Vaping, this is a great kit to start vaping! With this CBD Vape Pen Kit you will receive one e-liquid bottle of Harmony CBD Classic Hemp and one of the best-selling e-cigarette apparatus, the Joyetech eGO AIO. It will enhance the natural flavour of the Hemp CBD e-liquid.


Bona fide hemp flavour. We legally grow our hemp in Europe at certified farms. This means our product is as tasty and safe as you can get! Hemp has been grown around the world for 10,000 years and has thousands of applications. The hemp oil we combine in the liquid has a nice, light and nutty flavour and the primary terpene, caryophyllene, gives it a smooth Earthy finish. Long live hemp!

The difference between Nicotine, CBD’s, and Terpenes

Terpenes are compounds found in a variety of plants and contribute to their flavour, scent and colour. They interact synergistically with cannabinoids to create what scientists refer to as an “entourage effect” that enhances the effects of the plant’s individual components. Nicotine and CBD are both compounds produced by plants. Nicotine is extracted from tobacco and CBD is extracted from Hemp. CBD is a non-addictive, non-toxic and non-lethal compound, that is why CBD is becoming the best choice among vapers.


10ml bottle
PG/VG: 80/20 for the best vaping experience
Certified CBD concentration in 10 mL bottle
Guaranteed without THC & Nicotine free
Flavours based on terpenes
No alcohol, no animal extracts
USP / food grade ingredients
Tamper-proof and child-proof
Diacetyl free and quality controlled

Joyetech eGO AIO

Joyetech is an industry leader in the vaping world, their products are synonymous with high quality and reliability. The eGo AIO is one of Joyetech’s most successful products for a reason: great vaping performance with a stylish and intuitive design which makes it the perfect e-cigarette for novices.

The eGo AIO has an all-in-one style with the atomiser included, which is incredibly easy to use. Though petite, it is powerful enough to produce great vapour and taste.

Battery capacity:1500mAh ( USB charger included )
Atomizer capacity: 2.0ml
Perfect for beginners
Stylish design
Exclusive price on Harmony


PG/VG, Terpenes (Myrcene, Terpinolene, Beta Caryophyllene)
CBD per 10ml bottle: 30mg, 100mg, 300mg, 600mg

Precautions of use

You must be of legal smoking age to use this product. Keep tightly sealed and away from direct sunlight.  Contains no THC.

Additional information

Weight195 g
Dimensions10 × 2 × 4 cm

7 reviews for Hemp Starter Kit

  1. LEO

    This CBD starter kit is definitely worth his money. I fell in love with the hemp flavour, for me it tastes like raw cannabis but it’s also so sweet. I love the taste, it feels natural & it’s different from other Cbd vape oils i tried before, im super pumped to try the other flavours . By the way, the cbd pen is so easy to use but do i have to clean it or do something special if I put another vape juice ?? thank you!

    • Clara

      Hello Leo! It is great to hear 😀 Have a look to your email box, we sent you a nice surprise to thank you for your good words and help you try the other Harmony’s flavour!

      Concerning the cleaning of your Joyetech in order to switch e-liquids, open the tank and remove the coil from it. Click here to see what’s a coil (2’22). Once the tank is empty, simply run it under water until it’s clean. Let it dry in the air (don’t towel dry and get more dust in there), then it’s ready to use again. If it still feels damp, just use a good paper towel to soak up the excess. You don’t want any leftover liquid in there that could interfere with the coil. Let me know if you have any question!

  2. James Vincent Barker

    Best Parcel I’ve Ever Recieved

    I was very wary of ordering this as there are so many places to order CBD from, but I have to say that Harmony have really impressed me with my first (definitely not last) purchase. The box was filled with goodies, stickers, instructions, my vape kit, liquid and even a lollie!!! the hemp flavour taste so similar to the real thing, i have enjoyed smoking mine for the past two days and allready im looking to buy my next bottle of CBD infused liquid. Many thanks, Harmony people, you guys really made my first step to CBD life super worth it. P.S is the lollie CBD infused or it just a normal lollie? 😛

    • Clara

      Hello James! Thank you so much for that great message, it made our day 😍 Check your email, we sent you a little surprise 😀
      The lollipop doesn’t contain CBD, it is really just a candy! Have an amazing day James! <3

  3. bustertito33

    I received the package very quickly, with the products ordered. Everything is consistent and the e liquids of quality. great site !! thanks to the whole team

    • Clara

      Hello Bustertito! Great news! We are happy to hear you are now part of the Harmony’s community 🙂 Feel free to send us an email on [email protected], we will be thrilled to send you a little surprise to thank you for your good words <3

  4. a5b6c9

    Shipping: crazy fast!
    Juice: awesome quality. this is my new favorite thing
    Vape: Awesome. I can’t believe this is a beginner vape!
    Hello there! New to vaping. I gave 5 stars because this product deserves it although I have some suggestions. Also I just wanna say the customer service is great. I had a little trouble ordering to Spain with an American debit card and they gave me a discount for troubles that were my own fault 🙂 Also it’s true you get an adorable lollipop and stickers with your order.
    That being said, as someone who has never vaped before it was very difficult to figure out. The vape came with instructions but they’re a bit limited (which is more the fault of Joyetech). I had to watch a youtube video and even then I’m not completely sure what the little glass canister is or how I’ll know when I need a new one of the battery looking things. It’s also hard to tell if the vape is currently off or on. The little bottle of CBD oil is quite difficult to squeeze to get enough oil out. Maybe I’m doing something wrong.
    A N Y W A Y S ~ Now to discuss the CBD oil itself.
    daaayyyyyuuummmmm. I wanted to try this as an overseas substitute for… well other things that have CBD in them. I vaped once and it’s been almost an hour and my muscles are still pleasantly jelly 🙂 I wanted to let people know because I was quite concerned that this product wouldn’t help me at all. I did a lot of research and it paid off! Also, it shouldn’t matter but the vapor was gorgeous!!! My siblings vape a lot so I know how bad it can look but the clouds on this are magnificent!
    Question: Is there a way to dilute this oil? I’m unusually sensitive to cannabinoids and I’d like to take slightly smaller doses (I have the 3mg/mL one). Can I add some sort of blank vape juice (that doesn’t have nicotine or whatever if i can find it)? Or will that mess it up? Thank you guys so much you’re amazing!!!! ~~~~~~

    • Clara

      Hello Megan! Such a nice review! Thanks a lot for your good words, you are amazing too <3 In order to guide our users in their first steps with CBD vaporisation, we made the video “How to Vape CBD E-liquids with Joyetech and Harmony”, have a look and let us know if you have any more question. We will be happy to enlight you 🙂

      Concerning your question about diluting Harmony CBD e-liquids, you can mix Harmony Hemp to another neutral e-liquid to make it last longer without mess it up the CBD. Nevertheless, we wouldn’t advise you to mix Harmony CBD e-liquids with another e-liquid since you will lose the unique flavour of it. A great alternative for you is the Harmony Pure CBD Base that is actually made to be mixed with any of your favourite e-liquid. It only contains PG and CBD so you can create your personal ratio and CBD concentration to fit your vaping preferences. How does it sound? If you have any question, please don’t hesitate to ask!

  5. dragontrace

    As a newbie to vaping. This is excellent easy to use. Nice flavour. Arrived really quickly. Well worth the money.Looking forward to trying other flavours. Would highly recommend. Thank you Harmony.

    • Magda

      Hey, thank you so much for your kind words! We’re glad you’re happy with your Starter Kit 🙂

  6. Eugen Strauch

    hello im interested in this product, but I need more information before I can buy it.
    At the moment Im abstinent from cannabis and have to prove it via drug screening to get my driver license. now my question, Is there really no THC in your product ? And will there be any metabolite like (THC-11-OH) shown in a drug screening ?
    Thanks in advance

    • Magda

      Hi Eugen, thanks for reaching out to us with your concern. Harmony e-liquids contain PG/VG, CBD and terpenes – no THC 🙂 so you can feel confident in taking the screening as they do not test for CBD. Good luck with your driving test!

  7. Judy Liu

    Could you pls tell more about your products?

    • Alana

      Hey there, feel free to send us an email with your specific product questions!

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