Exodus Cheese

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This legendary classic combines a meticulous reconstruction of one of the most widely adored cannabis strains in history. Powerfully tangy and slightly sweet, you’ll relish the deep, earthy notes and sharp tang that have excited taste buds for ages.


Exodus Cheese CBD E Liquid

Exodus Cheese—also known as U.K. Cheese—is a seminal hybrid of almost mystical origin. This famous cannabis strain is rumored to have originated with southern British breeders of the late 20th century, desired by enthusiasts for its distinctive cured cheese flavor.

The characteristic terpene profile is very high in spicy, earthy Caryopyllene with a spritz of tangy Limonene and sweet Myrcene.

Harmony stands out in the E-Liquid crowd thanks to our unwavering commitment to quality and expertise. Our CBD concentration and composition are certified monthly by independent laboratories.

Vape The Best Cannabis E-Liquid!

We use Super Critical CO2 extraction to get the purest CBD from Hemp. CBD is a non-addictive, non-toxic and non-lethal compound, that is why CBD is becoming the best choice among vapers.

Simply choose the CBD strength and start vaping our best-selling CBD E-Liquid!

The difference between CBD and Terpenes

Terpenes are compounds present in a variety of plants and contribute to their flavor, scent, and color. They interact synergistically with cannabinoids to create what scientists refer to as an “entourage effect” that enhances the effects of the plant’s individual components.

CBD (or Cannabidiol) is a compound found and extracted from specific hemp strains. Contrary to THC, it has no psychotropic or hallucinogenic effects.

Exodus Cheese CBD E Liquid: Features

10ml bottle
PG/VG : 80/20 for the best vaping experience
Certified CBD concentration in 10 mL bottle
Guaranteed without THC & Nicotine Free
Flavors based on terpenes
No alcohol, no animal extracts
USP / food grade ingredients
Tamper-proof and childproof
Diacetyl free and quality controlled


PG/VG, Terpenes
CBD per 10ml bottle: 0mg, 30mg, 100mg, 300mg, 600mg

Precautions of use

You must be of legal smoking age to use this product. Keep tightly sealed and away from direct sunlight.  Contains no THC.

Additional information

Weight25 g
Dimensions6 × 2 × 2 cm

8 reviews for Exodus Cheese

  1. Dan H

    After much deliberating I choose ‘OG Kush’ and ‘Exodus Cheese’ both 100mg CBD.. and wow! I’m very impressed with the taste – very familiar! Seems to ease aches and pains too. Already ordered ‘NYC Diesel’ to try next.. Thanks for a quality product.

    • Magda

      Hey Dan, amazing! Glad you’re enjoying the flavours you tried! We’re sure you’re gonna love NYC Diesel too 😀 Thanks for your kind words <3

  2. Dan H

    After much deliberating I choose ‘OG Kush’ and ‘Exodus Cheese’ both 100mg CBD.. and wow! I’m very impressed with the taste – very familiar! Seems to ease aches and pains too. Already ordered ‘NYC Diesel’ to try next.. Thanks for a quality product. P.s and thanks for the freebie!

  3. Dom

    Really nice, Exodus Cheese, Critical Mala and Mango Kush are my favourites by far. For me, these hit the nail on the head.

  4. undertuga

    For sure, one of my favourites! The taste is very, very similar! Top choice!

    • Magda

      We’re glad you like it! 🙂

  5. Eoin

    I’ve not smoked anything in a long time now, I dab regularly and vape regularly. Every other variety of CBD I’ve used so far has not had the harsh throat feel that this has, it’s almost as bad for me as hitting a spliff. On this basis I would not be inclined to recommend this to anyone at all based on the throat hit and the cough and burn that it gives me. I find it’s so harsh that I have limited benefit from it as a big hit brings on a coughing fit and that’s no fun for anyone.

  6. brad

    really great product, for me the taste is bit over powering of cloves and not so much tasting like the strain which is a shame, maybe i try OG kush next time.

    • Alana

      Hey Brad, thanks for the feedback! We recommend our OG Kush as the most “true to strain” in regards to taste reviews we get, check your email for something from us for your next order!

  7. ztj

    After trying this e-liquid i find that it is brilliant. Delightful taste that resembles the original. I will come back for him 🙂

    • Athena CS

      Hi there! Thanks for letting us know how you feel about Harmony products! We’re delighted to have you as a customer!

  8. Ciaran

    Wowwee does meetharmony have their service great from start to finish. Order this flavour at 100mg and it is beautiful. The flavour provides an earthy sweetness when vaping and gives an extraordinary “green” taste that really is amazing. However after vaping for a few hours it was nice to switch flavour. However that does not disregard the spectacular taste. Would recommend for anyone looking for a sweet and earthy taste, however baked custard would be highly recommended if you’re looking for a dessert type flavour.

    Packaging and delivery for this whole service is also very slick and kind on the eye.

    • Susie

      Thanks so much Ciaran! Happy you enjoy our products and tastes 🙂

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