Europe's First Cannabis Startup Incubator

Join Europe's leading cannabis startups for 3 months in Barcelona

June 1st, 2017

Get a fresh perspective

Connect and exchange knowledge with Europe's leading Cannabis companies to develop your idea or startup. Our sponsor, Harmony, is a pioneer in the promotion of legal cannabis products and has a wide network of contacts, expert knowledge of all things cannabis and hosts numerous cannabis related events to benefit your project. 

Each year we will take in the best cannabis startup ideas and help to develop and nurture them. Our first cohort will begin July 1st, 2017. All applications are due by June 1st 2017.

El Pobleneu, Barcelona

June 1st 2017 - Apply!

Barcelona is the cannabis capital of Europe, and Pobleneu is a thriving startup and street art neighborhood, a perfect combination. All startups will work from Harmony HQ in Pobleneu.

If your idea or startup is selected, you and one other team member will be offered free room and board, office space, tools, and unlimited access to networking and events in Pobleneu, at Harmony's HQ for 3 months.


What's Included?



Thriving Community

The best events and access to the cannabis capital of Europe for 3 months.


Politically Supportive

Best City in Europe

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Top Industry Leaders

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