Cartridge CBD Vape Pen - Pink Lemonade

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Our pre-filled cartridge to recharge your Harmony CBD Vape Pen. One cartridge contains 10% of CBD (100 mg). Pink Lemonade is a delicious, fruity flavour with a hint of fizz that reminds us of summer. Its tangy grapefruit citrus aroma with a splash of sweetness is simply delicious.

Special Offer: Because of their high concentration, the cartridges currently available might contain CBD crystals or a darkened liquid. However, this should not affect the quality of the vaping experience.

Harmony CBD Pen: The Best CBD Vape Pen Cartridges!

We have tried and tested our flavors with the Harmony range and use the same great formulation in our single-use cartridges. The Harmony CBD Pen is the best option for people wanting to get started in the world of CBD vaporization in a simple and affordable way.

How to use Harmony CBD Pen

Screw the cartridge onto the battery

Draw breath through the mouthpiece

The tip of the Harmony Pen glows: this indicates your pen has enough charge to vaporize

Discover the full Harmony CBD Vape Pen Range

Natural Hemp Production

You can’t have a high-quality CBD product without using ethically-sourced hemp from farmers you can truly count on. We have trusted relationships with each of our suppliers so that we can fully guarantee their commitment to growing hemp without the use of pesticides or any other dangerous substances which might compromise the quality of your CBD.

Choose CBD You Can Trust

All of our products are meticulously tested to ensure that they are of the highest standard and no THC is detected. Each product has a QR code which enables you to download a Certificate of Analysis to guarantee that they reach their specification. As believers in 100% transparency, it is our duty to provide you with as much information about the origins and provenance of your CBD as possible so that you enjoy complete peace of mind when using it.


The product must not be used by non-smokers, non-vapers, or minors. Do not vape if the pod is empty. If you have a burnt taste, change the pod. Do not refill the pod more than 4 times. When you refill the pod it is not recommended to change the flavor, unless you change from one similar flavor to another. Replace the pod when there is a reduction in the flavor or vapor.

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