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After all the marvellous things you’ve heard about them, you finally want to treat yourself to some CBD products. You open the website and look at all the options. Oils, gummies, skincare… so many choices! Before adding anything to your cart, you might be asking yourself some questions. How do I take CBD oil? Which product will get me the most CBD benefits? What is the difference between gummies, capsules and creams? And how do I use CBD isolate?

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CBD oil is undoubtedly the most popular form of CBD. But how do you take CBD oil? A study has shown that over 70% of users apply it sublingually, meaning they drop or spray it under their tongue [ 1 ]. This way, part of the CBD can be absorbed directly through the mucous membranes without passing through the stomach, which leads to better bioavailability (meaning you get more out of it) [ 2 ].

By counting the number of drops or sprays, you can easily keep track of your dosage and adjust it if necessary. The general recommendation for all CBD products is to start with 10-20 mg and see how you feel. The timing depends entirely on your goals. A stressful day ahead? Take it in the morning and top up around lunchtime if necessary. Feeling restless at night? Use it 30-60 minutes before going to bed.


CBD gummies and capsules have gotten more and more popular in recent years. They function in the same way as do CBD oils but they’re even easier to take since each piece contains a precise amount of CBD. This makes keeping track of your dosage super simple. With gummies, you can enjoy a sweet treat, while taking a capsule with a bit of water is discrete and fuss-free. However, since you don’t put these products under your tongue, their effects might be slightly delayed compared to oils.

If you’re wondering about how to reap the most benefits of CBD, according to scientists, consuming these products alongside a high-fat meal can increase bioavailability by around 4x [ 3 ]


If you are already a smoker or vaper but want to shake the nicotine habit, CBD e-liquids might be just the thing. They can be used with any standard vaping hardware, just like nicotine-containing liquids. In addition, there is a wide range of flavours available to suit any taste.

Inhaled CBD products offer the highest and fastest bioavailability. This means you probably need fewer mgs to achieve the same effects, which you should keep in mind if you already have experience with other forms of CBD [ 4 ]. We recommend starting with a lower concentrated e-liquid and counting your puffs or monitoring how fast you go through a full tank to find the right dose for you.


Did you know that CBD can be absorbed through the skin? If you feel discomfort and are looking for local relief, topicals such as creams and gels are the way to go. You can also look into patches, which offer continuous release over an extended period.

Researchers are actively investigating CBD as an active ingredient to fight acne and eczema and support a healthy skin barrier function [ 5 ]. So it makes absolute sense to include it into your routine for protected, radiant skin. Since absorption through the skin is fundamentally different from absorption through the mouth or lungs, dosages can’t be compared. However, recommended dosages are calculated by expert assessors to be in a safe range based on the method of product application.


CBD isolate is not something you use directly in its pure form, but rather something you can use to create your own CBD products. It is a DIY ingredient you can use to infuse oils, craft e-liquids, or even make your own body balms.

Before you get creative, keep two things in mind. First, CBD isolate dissolves in oil but not in water. Second, keep track of the CBD concentration in your final product to make sure you can dose it correctly later on.


As you might have guessed, the products that work best for you will be up to you and your lifestyle. Everyone is different, which is why there is a wide variety of products. Of course, you can also mix products, for example, starting the day with some oil and taking a capsule before bed! If you do so, keep track of the total dosage and make sure not to exceed 70 mg in one day, which is the precautionary limit set by the FSA.

Whatever you choose, it is always advisable to buy your CBD products from reputable brands where you can check the certificates of analysis.

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