Harmony Super Lemon Haze: The Unique CBD E-liquid With Terpenes

A few weeks ago we launched the first ever e-liquid containing terpenes from the original cannabis strain – OG Kush. Today we are happy to announce a new flavour, Super Lemon Haze! We created this unique aroma in the same way as our OG Kush; from the original cannabis terpene profile. The unique flavour of Super Lemon Haze is based around the terpene, limonene.

There are several terpenes produced in the trichomes of the cannabis plant. Now, let’s take a look at limonene in more detail.

Where can you find limonene?

Limonene is present in citrus rind, and gets its name from, you guessed it, lemon! You will find around 1 – 2 % of limonene in cannabis but it depends on the strain, growing and curing process. Generally sativas are richer in limonene compared to indicas. Super Lemon Haze is not the only cannabis variety where limonene appears, OG Kush, Lemon Skunk and Jack Herrer also have a considerable amount of the terpene present as well.

You can find limonene in other plants and herbs like rosemary, juniper, and peppermint. This natural aroma has been used by manufacturers today to create air fresheners, perfumes, and soaps.

There you have it, you now have an e-liquid with a naturally occurring flavour for your enjoyment! You can buy the new Super Lemon Haze CBD e-liquid here.

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