Does the name ArcView Group ring any bells? If you are involved in the cannabis industry, it should.

Founded in 2010, The Arcview Group is responsible for a number of groundbreaking ventures in the cannabis industry. Arcview Market Research is the first and most oft-cited publisher of market research on the cannabis industry. The Arcview Investor Network includes 600+ dues-paying accredited investors who have put more than $91 million behind 135 companies. The organisation is headed by influential figures in the American cannabis community. Troy Dayton, the organisation’s CEO, is a founding member of some of the US’s most influential activist groups. The President of ArcView is Steve DeAngelo; CEO of California’s most renowned dispensary Harbourside Health Center, founder of the first cannabis lab testing system, influential figure in Washington DC’s legalisation efforts, and star of the reality show Weed Wars. Both were named by Fortune magazine as being in the top 7 most powerful people in the US cannabis industry.

arcviewArcView calls itself the cannabis industry’s best source for ‘deal flow’. The research branch of the organization carries out market research projects to gain statistics on the growing cannabis industry. The Cannabis Investor Network branch connects accredited investors with startups in the cannabis industry seeking venture capital.

Harmony Arcview

Antonin Cohen – CEO & Founder at Harmony

ArcView’s First European Investor Pitch Forum just happened in Barcelona from the 6th to 9th of March as part of the lead-up to Spannabis 2017. This was an opportunity for startups in the European cannabis industry to connect with investors from around the world. The event began with keynote speeches from both the CEO and President of ArcView as well as other informational talks from experts on start-ups, investment, project management, cannabis production and marijuana activism. Two discussion panels were also held; an International Cannabis Policy Panel to hear from organizations responsible for drug policy reform in their respective legal systems, and a Cannabis Business and Technology Panel where tech-savvy professionals discussed current and future business trends.

After the keynote speeches had finished, four pre-selected cannabis startups were presenting their company. Harmony was proud to be part of this “startup contest”. We presented our vision, our plan to pioneer hemp and CBD products around the globe and our educational and community efforts here in Europe. Real investors judged us alongside other startups from all over the world on the efficacy of our business pitch, and guess what?

We won!

Harmony ArcviewWe are so honored that we were a part of this amazing event. We have solid plans to grow our unique company and it was great to have the vision confirmed by the best in the industry. So stick around — this is just the beginning.

Thanks everyone for the great support, you are our best motivation.
We’ve captured the highlights of the event for you!

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