The entire Cannabis industry has been waiting since last year’s successful Spannabis event, and now it is just around the corner!

After launching over 10 years ago, the fair is once again opening its doors in Barcelona to bring together cannabis growers, activists, users, businesses and associations. Welcome to the biggest European cannabis trade show!

What Is Spannabis?

Spannabis Hemp Fair – or Spannabis Feria del Cáñamo here in Spain – is the biggest cannabis event in Europe. This three-day event, organised annually, will be held the 10th, 11th and 12th of March 2017 in Barcelona, Spain. The Fira de Cornellà will be the home of this year’s Spannabis celebration, a venue chosen due to its easy accessibility for cannabis fans worldwide.

Spannabis attracts huge numbers, making it an amazing place to discover everything going on in the world of cannabis. In 2016 there were 200 stands where exhibitors promoted their latest strains, cannabis innovation and newest technologies. Most of the stands are typically about horticulture, cultivation, cannabis, hemp and marijuana. Last year, Spannabis visitors also got a peek at the wave of new vape technology as experts were happily demonstrating the latest advances.

Spannabis not only celebrates the industry but recognises the best of the best in the cannabis industry with 2 award ceremonies. “The Spannabis Champions Cup & Spannabis 2017 Awards Ceremony” take place during the trade show and awards will be given for:

the best stand, the best seeds bank, the best nutrient, the best paraphernalia, the best hemp product, the best growing tool, best cultivation equipment, best product, best concentrate, best hash, best indoor hydro, best indoor bio, and best outdoor strain.


Finally, it is important to remember that only adults over the age of 18 can enter the fair. Entry costs 17 euros per day or 39 for the full weekend.
Opening hours are Friday and Saturday from 11,00 to 20,30 – Sunday from 11,00 to 20,00

You can find more information here:

Spannabis in Numbers

Last year the trade show drew more than 3,000 registered professionals, with 200 media outlets in attendance and 500 companies exhibiting. They were visited by thousands of participants from 18 different nationalities. A space of 17,000m2 is allocated for professionals and cannabis enthusiasts alike, guaranteeing that there is plenty of space and maximising the amount and variety of exhibitors.

Considering the accelerating rate of legalisation movements today, Spannabis is expected to grow rapidly over the coming decade. The first Spannabis conference was held in 2002 and has already expanded to Spannabis Madrid and Spannabis Malaga. This year 3,000 guests are predicted to visit Spannabis 2017 on its 14th birthday.

Spannabis: The First to host a “World Cannabis Conference”

One of the most anticipated moments this year will be the incorporation of the third edition of the World Cannabis Conference. Spannabis aimed over the years to provide a space to connect and share worldwide knowledge about cannabis and hemp, and were the first trade show to integrate a conference of this kind. Professionals from the fields of science and politics are great influencers in cannabis culture and will speak about four main areas of interest this year: the medicinal, the scientific, and the national and international cannabis scenes.

The conference seeks to educate all about cannabis and its evolution in society. These series of talks, a focal point of the trade show, will take place at the Auditorium of Fira de Cornellà, which can seat up to 800 people and will have simultaneous translation during the presentations. The audience will be able to take part in the debates and interact with the speakers.


The World Cannabis Conference will provide attendees with 20 different speakers on various subjects. The 2016 edition also introduced the platform for  “The Gathering of Cannabis Women”. This event allowed women from the cannabis culture and sector in Spain to meet, with the aim of promoting female entrepreneurs and gender equality in the industry and in the drug policy sector.

There will also be a discussion about the “Responsible Regulation Initiative”, a group of citizens and social organisations that want the consumption, production and distribution of cannabis to be regulated.

Over the weekend, you will also be able to enjoy great musical performances, check out the program here.

FYI: Cannabis Legislation In Spain

Main points:

    • Possession is illegal (decriminalised) in public areas and legal in private areas (cannabis clubs) only. Offenders receive an administrative fine. Ownership of more than 70/100g is considered as possession with the intention of trafficking.
    • Selling is technically illegal, but cannabis can be acquired in private smoker/cannabis clubs. Selling it is punished with prison time even for first-time offenders.
    • Transportation is illegal (decriminalised)
    • Cultivation is legal (only for own consumption.) If the plants are located where they are visible from the street/public place, it’s an administrative offence.

Over the years, the country has progressively decriminalised to the point where Spain is now one of the most cannabis-friendly countries in Europe. Particularly in Barcelona, Catalunya, where Spannabis is hosted. Cannabis users can freely buy diverse flowers or concentrates in cannabis clubs. This type of system offers a safe environment to users and ensures safe, quality products.

Barcelona Cannabis ClubUnfortunately, this year, the Spanish cannabis scene hasn’t been so green, either in Parliament or in the courts. Events like Spannabis can be so influential in the legal realm and play a huge part in forwarding the future of cannabis’ legal status in Spain, by gathering a broad forum of people interested in discovering the current status and how it can be improved.

Spannabis has succeeded over the years in becoming one of the can’t miss and most anticipated events in the industry, and as Spain’s cannabis scene continues to step up, it’s only set to get better. See you there!


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